Friday, April 27, 2007

2nd day of my words

hem... today i am having a little "perang dingin" with mum. Maybe is my fault because answering her in such a way did't take care of her heart. Well, but i dunno why... since i am back from my training, i seldom talk to her like the last time. I had been telling all my sadness n happiness to her all these while. But now, it stopped!! I did't tell her much about myself.. what i feel.. maybe that's what "independence" called. All abt myself...whether sad,happy,funny... but i still have a GOD who is seated up there listening my "complain". hahahaa... thank GOD! I was thinking when we reach certain age, we will feel that we've grown up... get more independence... Well, in NS they train us to be independence, help each other... not to bother ur parents when we r sick...tell the trainers enough. I believe this will affect my living style for being independence... i really dunno whether it is good or not. Okay, i think i better stop here. Just now abt 12.34pm... there's a man came n wanted to find me...he dressed like a teacher but he is not... he works in the clinic. he came and ask me a few question abt health when i was in Kem Sri Ledang. He asked whether i got fever when i am in the kem... cause there were a number of trainees admitted into hospital after my kumpulan. He said nowadays the trainees admitted to the hospital because of DEMAM KEPIALU (DK). DK is a kind of bacteria that can found in our urine and shit. it is a dangerous sickness like AIDS, but it can be cure lah...dont worry!!! this sickness dont have any sign of warning. So when u got high fever, stomach-ache and "cirit-birit'.... better go to for a doctor k? it's better u go for a doctor than eating ur own medicine... this picture is a bottle which the hospital man asked me to test fill my "xxxx" when i went for a "poo". they want to take for a test whether i got the DK. My kem was suspected with the enviroment...! the canteen there were filled with flies! n when we went for our shooting... the second group got cirit-birit until some admitted to the kem wad... so the hospital ppl come n check n my canteen got "saman" n closed for 2 weeks more until they come n check the clealiness again. That time the kem order food from outside... poor canteen n us... we waited about 1hour sitting there doing nothing when the hospital ppl come n check. hahahaa... so beware k?? drink boiled water~~~!!!! GOD bless u!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

1st day of my words

em...this is my 1st day having a blog for myself... maybe i can write what am i trying to speak out. u know,sometimes it's not easy to speak out,right? so,i decide to sign up a blogger for myself! haha...well, i will fill in when i feel to write! haha..sorry!