Thursday, March 26, 2009

Enchanted of Darkness

Hi bloggies! I got lots of picture to share with you guys~~ Happy me! Yesterday was a my friend's fashion presentation. She asked me to wear her garment...a BAT inspired dress. How gothic,cool,cute and charming yea? I meant the dress..not me yea..=p Hehehee.. For the bottom eye lashes, that was my very first time putting that though...mmm... don't know what to say... I managed to edit some pictures...=) heheheee...the benefit of working afternoon shift..=) I woke up around 7am to wash the clothes...Now hanging outside the sun to let it dry =) ...I am bit tired and wanna to continue my sleep after washing the clothes but I couldn't...Thank GOD for the good sun~~!! heheheee.. I think I shall stop here... Going to change my clothes and work =) Another day of working...*wink*!! Take care yea bloggies and Enjoy!!

Enchanted of Darkness

one Man six Ladies

with the Lecturers =)

with the designers =)

the Models..=O ...Our name is Sharlyn,Shazny and Stephy~!~

The "witch" who designed the "princess" garment

My working place...=)
with Rachel


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pictures!! =)

Good morning bloggies!! Sorry for pending my pictures for a long time! I got no time to edit and to post it. Please forgive yea! Hehehhee... Well, at my previous post I've said I will upload pictures to share with you guys,right? There they are!! There are 2 modelling pictures which I took for Caleb yesterday during our PWTC Roadshow. The pictures were took by a professional cameraman =) So, it is nicer! =p The others picture are the Bukit Tinggi trip with my beloved parents =) Currently, I am updating my blog at college =) Later, I am gonna to be Princess of Enchanted Darkness!! Pictures will be upload but I can't promise when,alright? Take care bloggies! Enjoy the pictures...

At Bukit Tinggi,
This pic took when I am on my way back to car...Cheese!! I looked superb happy?!

My mum is a big lover of GREEN color!! So, friends of mine..You can't blame me I love Green thinggys too!!

I Love this picture of my dad and mum! I shall edit nicely and develope them!!

Black Swans...

It was quite sunny that day!! But ended up raining when we finished our walk! Good timing of God! Thank you God!

The wonderful building~!!~~

Mum and I =D

Fashion Show at PWTC,
The models...=)

That is me while walking...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Marley & Me

Good morning bloggies! On last Sunday, I went to watch Marley & Me with my sister and kor kor bud! hahahaha... It was a good movie.. Good storyline.. hehehe.. So, for those who haven't watch, please watch it! It is a romantic, loving, funny and sad movie..Sad because something happened at the end of the story.. I shall not tell what I watched.. hehehehe =p ... Tonight I will be going to TGIF for dinner *wink* my cousin, Victoria's 12th Birthday! I am supposed to work in afternoon shift but today i am in morning shift due to my class at night... hehehe.. I think my busyman and boss went back late last night...9000 calls to be make by each of the counsellor.. =) I am still can't upload my pics to share with you guys..I am so SORRY! No time to upload =( ... Went back home after work, i will straight away SLEEP! Tired but happy =) I shall end here, Bye! Have a great week ahead,folks!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Day Trip

Hello bloggies! I am currently at my working place updating my blog. On the 9 March, it is a public holiday for me and my parents brought me to Bukit Tinggi..=) The road was not as good as Genting. I felt dizzy after the trip...But the place is quite nice =) I went there just for a walk and to see the scenery... The building there were quite unique though! As if you are at other country =p I've took some pictures but I will upload once I am free at home =) Later in noon, we had Ampang's Yong Tau Foo for our lunch *yummy* ...hehehheee... After that we went to my aunty's house at Kota Kemuning. Watch tv... play piano...and went to a Korean Restaurant for dinner! The owner of the shop was drunk and he actually hugged me and my other cousin. Oh yea, he actually kissed my cousin too!~ My cousin is just only 12 years old...So, it is legal =) Well, he is a married man. His wife stopped him for doing this... My uncle and him were good friends..=) After he is awake, he apoogized to everyone of us =) Hhehehee... he is good and friendly..=) I have to stop to start calling now! All the best to me =) Oh yea..All the best to those who are taking STPM and SPM!! Cheers babes~~

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Hello bloggies!!I am super energetic now coz slept tooooo much~~ heheheee... since I have few pictures to share..I decided to update =) This morning around 530am, it rained heavily..I was lazy to wake up though..nice and cozzy weather...who wants to wake up in such a nice weather?! I forced myself to wake up and after bathed, I planned to go work... My bro just came back from Suey's house early morning...he said: " I fetch you go to work lah.." I was like:" Em, yesterday when I asked you, you said don't want..." He replied:" I was just joking lah wei..." Well, I was bit pissed off...=p I know I shouldn't!! But, please don't play with me...I beg you bro!!( Kor, if you happen to read this~! =p) I went to my room and sit on my bed to sleep~! hahahhaaa... Woke up at 730am and ask bro to fetch me go... I am thinking... Having a car is so so Convenient!! Only 15mins is needed to  arrive my college... ( Daddy, would you buy me a Japs car for my 21st birthday? I know it's toooo early I asked for my next present~~!! heheheeee) If bus, minimum 1 and half hour...=(... quite tired ... but driving car, I have to waste petrol, toll and parking's money... I don't mind if I can claim from my what my boss did!! hahhahaaa...envy of him...=p... OH yea, I have a goooooood news~~My ling came back to Olympia! Now he is working at KU which known as Knowledge University. I know you won't leave me there alone =p... hahahaha... Kidding!! If you got your Sibu's job and paid is higher, I support you to go there~~ My parents are coming up tomorrow...Oh!! my Muar's Church Election is tomorrow!! Pray that GOD will choose the right people~ Enjoy the pictures then~~! 

Taking my dinner after prayer meeting,

Sa is testing Chris's phone camera..not bad yea? Blackberry 9000..I looked tired!

My Jerry!! Love this cartoon since I was young~~~!! Although it's just a tissue box but still I love it!

At my working place,
Currently I am sitting at my boss's chair...coz he needs to run here and there.. from KL to PJ... From PJ to KL....I got no seats in front desk, that's why... Don't be jealous kies? I am still a normal worker~~ Hehehee..=p People thought I am from KL's branch..How come?? *wondering*

Busyman loves dark colors...Well, I think he needs some bright color to make him looks young... One of his working day he actually wore GREEN!! Nice green, ling!! hehehee...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Good Morning

Good morning Bloggies~! I know that I am super early today to update my blog. Well, I am waiting for the right time to make a call to the students. Now is 930am, I don't think so that the students are already wake up. They are just like me..sleep late and then wake up late. But now I am different, I need to change my time coz I am working now. No more waking up at 930 or 1030am... Hahhaaa.. Now is 530am~~ To get a good bath, make up and dress up!! =) It is quite a good experience for me though. To be honest, I am quite tired due to my first time working. And Suey said it's normal thta I feel that... Soon later on I will get used to it.... hahahhaaa.. =) Later lunch, I am going to KFC~~ Wooohooo! Nisha invited me to her birthday party!! But I will be going late coz my break time is at 1:00pm...She will starts her birthday party at 1130am.. =). Yesterday I went back home after late work...=) My boss sent me home... from north to south. Hahahahaa, thank you Boss!! I was super freezing cold last night!! Rained the whole day..Now, I am feeling cold too...Who can hug me then to keep me warmth? =p ... Heheeee..Just kidding!! I got not much of pictures to share with you all this time. Maybe next time when I am super duper free yea? I shall end here. Goodbye and take care~~!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am working now... hehehee... A lots of call need to be make.!! Do pray for me =) More Patience, Confident and Responsible =) Hehheee... Goodbye bloggies~~ I might not update that soon due to my busy busy time... Take care yea~~!!! GOD bless~!!