Saturday, December 29, 2007


hello bloggies! Back for posting again! hehehe..these pictures are taken outside my hse few minutes ago.. fireworks! hehehe.. tat's is a good point living near to tanjung area..=p..wat i do today? ehhmm, nothing much though! hehehe,i am waiting for my girl cousin to come out soon!!! so excited! Ching so blur today man! Actually the NS suppose to be tomorrow..but our Ching too excited then he went to Stadium today...u see la! Isn't it funny? We all laughed at him..hehehhe...Nvm,at least he got the spirit to go for NS! hehehe..i will show some more pics in my next post!! cheers! =D

Friday, December 28, 2007

Piow Seong 18!

hello bloggies! this time post two posts again..hehehe...this is my fren,his birthday is on 23rd Dec!! we have a very very very suddenly celebration!! so so simply n simple but we are happy!

Piow Seong, Happy sweet 18th Birthday!!! may GOD bless u!

some pics during christmas...

helo bloggies! hehehe.. i am back again! this few days busy with some christmas things! hehehe.. this few pics are taken during christmas dinner...

this is Jason and me..

sis,daddy,me and mama.. =)

thorn among flowers or flower among thorns?? hehehe...

this is Lynn and me..

Wei Han and me.. =)

Lisa and me!! hehehe..

Adeline.Lynn and me...

Wei Han,Henry,Lynn and,silver n white...

oh ya,this is Trinity Church Christmas celebration on the 24th.. =)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

new hair color n nails...

hello bloggies! i am back again! hehehe... well, i went to dye n high light my hair.. hehehehe!! this is a different hair stylish oh.this is Meng Meng saloon! i went to this hair saloon since i was very mum brought me there for hair cut. hehe.. k, here is some pics..comments are welcome!

Monday, December 17, 2007

wat i saw n took pics in Ah Nek's hse during his wedding...

hello bloggies! back to update again.. hehehe..i got addicted to blog edi... hehehe!! ytd,my bro reached home abt 2am..then we woke up at 6am towards Ah Nek's wedding..Ah Nek is my bro long-time fren~~! hehehe..but, i am quite lost during his wedding..coz i dunno anyone there!! hehehe.. so,i took some pics in his hse...nice pics.. take a look! heheh..

Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas mood in me had lost.....

hello bloggie~~!! i am so happy today! i finished my exam... it only takes me 30mins to answer it...not i want to show off that i can do fast..but,many of my friends did faster than me. Steve come today..he got exam(bm) at 230-530pm...but he came n see me in the morning,n go breakfast with his god bro! so nice yea? hahaha... coz holiday d... n we can't meet each other. actually i am suppose to go for a shop with my frens...but i didt make it. i need to do a lot of things at home... so,i think over n over again whether should go..but at last i choose NO! thank God for fine weather today,on the way back raining..hahaha..whole body wet...heavy rain! now a bit drizzling still... bath,mop floor wash clothes!...oh ya,iron my bro's clothes! coz tonight at 8pm my hse got water cut. the whole "kampung" of USJ got a water cut from 8pm-saturday 8pm...

Happy sweet 18th birthday IKA!!!

My bro is coming back today from Kuching!! Hooray!!! i am going back to muar tml!!!! Yeah!!! it's good to go back my home to see my daddy,mama,ah relatives! Ben went church camp today till monday.. hehehe! ah boy is away. =)...well,why i write christmas mood in me had hometown youth is not celebrating christmas this year,it's a sad news for me n those seniors..but, i still want to worship GOD!! Jesus was born in 25th December 2000years ago...He came n save my life... that is my main purpose of Christmas! i want to serve,worship Him! keep a commitment to Him.. yea...that should be the way. btw,merry n blessed Christmas to my kl's frens!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

the 20th day...

Happy Birthday to my aunty in Singapore, Grace!!...11/12
Happy 5th Birthday to my nephew in Muar, Gabriel!!...11/12
Happy Birthday to my aunty in KL, Esther!!...12/12
Happy Sweet 18th Birthday to my cousin in KL, Hui Joo!!...12/12

hello bloggies! i am back..this is the last day of "Words from My Heart"... hehhehe.. new year coming,new things come in....actually my exam suppose to be on thursday,suddenly a phone call came: "Hello,is this Tay Sharlyn? I'm.... from Olympia College..................we changed the date of ur exam PS to friday 930-1130am ya.....thank you...." Haishz...i hope this time is not a mis-communication again! PS is Public Speaking.. not Pendidikan Seni... hahaha...*lame*... i am not tat tired though...just finish helping my cousin wrap presents for Christmas!! i am so happy when Christmas is coming soon! i dunno y..the joy comes from my heart!!! it reminded me of Christ Jesus how He was born in a manger and crucified Himself for us to wash all our Great is Him!!!and rose again 3 days after His crucifixion...GOD, i will love You more than last time! Help me to depend on You!!! thank You Jesus!!! may YOu bless those birthday ppl...thank You! Amen!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

the 19th day...

hello bloggies!! now i am in my cousin's hse... her name is Katrina... i used to call her Nana Girl!! since we were young...i called her like tat!!.. hope she dont mind yea...=p ... i got nothing to do, so i update my blog... hahaha... well, i stay at Kat's house for a couple of days... hehhehe! my bro going to Kuching tmr with some church members till,i am so boring cos i got nothing to do at home ni... other than watching tv or playing my BenQ laptop.. haizzz... my house got no astro, so everytime i watch tv.. i will switch on Harry Potter!! of my fav. movie ever!! =p... my cousin see me typing... she said very fast i type... hehehe.. but, i type in the wrong ways la... hahahaha... but it doesn't matter.. as long as it is fast right??!! ahahah... =p..well, i got some pics to show... here they are...

= this is my cousin, Katrina!!! she is beautiful yea??

= deco for christmas at my youngest aunty's hse!! hehehe... HOHOHO! merry christmas!!

= deco in Pavilion!!! nice yea.. white christmas!!!

= this is the outside view..starhill deco.. roads!

= went to Pavilion with my aunty last week.. i told u guys b4... i went shopping for the last whole week!!! hahahah!!!

= this is me with my new sun-glass from Vincci!! actually i want the brown color, but it is out of i choose to take black! nice?? my daddy bought for me =D i am so happy!!!! thank you daddy!! love u!!!

=me smiling!! hahaha!!! be a usher in church always needs a smile!! xD.... we welcome u to Harvest Generation!!

= GHOST! Hahaha!! =p
after back from lunch and church... playing laptop again!! so boring!! suddenly remembered i bought a mask Hisamitsu... use was so cooling n freshing!! wow!!!

= stephy and me during our pot luck... this pic was taken during practicing how to bow to the queen when we saw her... hehehhe!!!!