Saturday, January 31, 2009

MOoooOO Year UpD@t3s

Hello bloggies~~ How are all your CNY's celebrating? Must be fun yea with family gathering all around? Hehehhee.. My MOOooO Year were good! Well, I have few pics to share only cos I didn't get all the pics from my sister~~ Enjoy them =)

with Ying, Terng

with Sis,Huei ke

At 3rd Uncle's place =)

with Ying, En and Er

Traffic lights~!~

Terng Jac @ me

with my Qmei ( Huei ke's mum)

with Huei ke

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Hello bloggies! I'm back to blog again! Hahhahaa.. It has been 16 days I delayed.. Well, I was busy with CNY's preparation and it is just 2 days more to go! Woohoo~~ hahahaa..
On the 10th, I went to KLCC Convention Center and work. Phy and gangs didn't managed to go because of certain reasons. hehehe... That day was quite boring too! Only a few enrollments.. maybe there is no sweets provided. And believe me, I'm the only girl who works in the roadshow..hahahaa.. I didn't realize until the end of day. Around 715pm, Chris came and pick me for cell. Hehhehee... he came all the way just to pick me...thanks a lot,Chris!!
On the 11th, my family and I celebrated my eldest bro's birthday! He is Calvin! Hahhahaa... we celebrated in Tony Roma' were super delicious!!~~~ YUmmy!! Next day, dad wanted to go Pavilion and take a look what is in there and so we went... I was quite surprised too(normally my dad won't traveled far)! I bought NOTHING~! Hahhaaa.. all my clothes for CNY are already bought...from my uncle..from singapore..~~ hahaha~!
Then we came back to Muar at night.. =) Then I began to help my mum with CNY's stuff.. =) until now... That's why I didn't blog for 2 weeks +... hehehee! Sorry~! Oh yea, yesterday I went to my cousin's place and visited my cute nephew, Nicholas~! He was so adorable and very brave too! 8months+ wanted to stand by himself and walk!! My aunt said is not good for baby..only when he is almost 1 year old only let him to walk cause the bone haven't fully developed.. Steve is going back in 6 hours time to Penang....Bro Calvin is coming back to Muar at 5am.. Yahoo!! Okies, I think that's all I want to blog!
By the way, BLESSED CHINESE NEW YEAR in advance!!!(in case I'm super busy and didn't manage to blog) may GOD bless all of you! Have a prosper year~~ Enjoy the pics!!

Happy Chinese New Year 2009~~~

I need that to proceed into the hall...

Mr.Chen and Mr.Su(with suit) discussing something
After work, Caleb called Fayaz to talk something funny~

Out of boringness and tiredness,took this FAV. shoe of mine~
Mr.Su took this pic...(you can see i am tired)

My eldest bro's birthday~ Family photo(with my soon-sis-in-laws)

Outside Pavillion!(Dad & Mum) Mum love the flowers~

At my cousin's place...
aunty loves you~~!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Words only = -)

大家好!这是我第一次blog华语。很奇怪吧?前两天,我哥跟我说他的摩多车不见了。我听了无话可说。只是想为什么他那么的糊涂?但又想回来,人生总会犯错误。我哥的朋友对他说:“旧的不去,新的不来。” 我听了才发觉她说的没错。我知道东西不见会心疼。但是,再怎么心疼那个东西也回不来。我大哥本人是一点糊涂,但他是一个又善良又乖的人。 有时,是我这个小妹在欺负他呢!没有变,我是家中最小。哈哈!好啦,我不多说!该换去英文了!Hei bloggies, you guys must be wondering why I posted a mandarin blog... hehehe.. I just want to try it out...typing mandarin is fun yet hard though..have to use my brain to remember the "pinyin", that reminds me of Arief!! An Indonesian friend of mine who is learning mandarin!! And he can cope well =) *wink* ( credit to you, Mr.Hitam Manis! ) Erm, sometimes... I think I am over helpful and too kind~~ I know you must be thinking I am praising myself. hehhee! Yet, some people doesn't know how to appreciate my help. They said I make a small matter to a big matter. Well, I don't think I'm in the wrong... =) Forget it~~!! No point thinking those negative things that happened before. I should look ahead!! Hehehee.. My bro's birthday is tomorrow!! Happy 28th birthday,kor!! I love you! May GOD bless you and your relationship with ES! And on the 12th, is Chris Thirucelvam's birthday... hahahaha.. Happy 25th Birthday, Chris!! May GOD bless you and your business~!! This post will be all words... =) I will post picture if I have =) OH ya, the mandarin and english post is different! Don't mistaken!! Take care yea =) Muacks~~

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Great Gathering @ Christmas

Hello bloggies!! How are you recently? I had been busy with Christmas and my cousins are all down to KL and Muar... Hehehe... Great Gathering of the TayS =) My apology for late entry =) On the 25 Dec 08, I celebrated my christmas in KL... This is my first time~~ Heehehe.. Shehnaz,her sis,friend and Anuja came along... Er ke and family were there too!! I am so so so Happy to see them~~ =) Phylicia is so adorable and little naughty like my bro-- as usual!

On the 26th, the TayS were all in KL.. they reached my aunty's hse about 1230pm =) 10 of them came.. Hehehe! Don't be shock, my family is really BIG! 7 of them from Australia, 2 from Japan and 1 from Muar.. Hahahaa.. My cousins from Australia are Melody,Hannah,Ernest( Uncle Ah Wun's children ) and Joshua ( Aunty Ah San's child) Finally Lio from Japan ( Uncle Ah Jin's son) They are here for vacantion =D They haven't been to Malaysia about 5 years!! How time flies~~ We went to Sunway Lagoon..but some went to Sunway Pyramid. Hehehe... 8 years I didn't managed to go to Lagoon... Well, uncle Jin brought Lio, Hannah, Vicky, Nicky, Josh, Kat,aunty San and I to Lagoon!! I had fun there!! But it's not excited as A'Famosa.. I love the place because of cleanliness! On the 28 Dec, brother and I went back to Muar as we have nothing to do in Kl and moreover I'm having holiday~~!! Yippee!! My cousins went back to Muar on the 29th

On the 30th, dad,mum,sis and I went all the way to Singapore!!! Yoohoo.... Singapore!! We celebrated our New Year 2009 at Singapore.. I bought a lot of things there.. heheheehe.. *excited and satisfied*...We went back to Muar on the 1st January 2009.. On the 2nd, uncle Ah Wun and family went to Singapore until they go back to Australia. My aunties and uncle came from KL suddenly...just for fun~ Hahahaa... When cousins got around, you know what will happen yea? We played along.. watched TV,cycle,eat and sleep!! Heheheee... I got lots of photo to share with you.. just enjoy them! Currently I am in my aunty's hse at KL...watching Cinderella.. I came back today to register my course =) Ciaoz.. =) And HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!! May GOD bless all of you!! =D