Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pastor Frankie Khoo

Hi bloggies! It has been a long time I didn't update my blog...=) Well, yesterday after work I went to church and we are supposed to have prayer meeting... But, it changed to a service. Pastor Frankie Khoo, uncle of Nick Chan...=) is a great prophet!! Whatever he preach yesterday was so true...and it teaches me lots of thing... I like this phrase: " Seek the OPPORTUNITIES in DIFFICULTIES!"... it makes me think about my work...well, sometime I faced difficulties and I complained. I didn't look for the opportunity when I am in difficulties. I just realize that never ever once I seek the opportunity when I am in difficulties...instead, I complained!! GOD, forgive me please...thank you Jesus! And pastor Frankie mentioned that the darker place it is, the light will shine more brighter! I believe that!! In times now, economic are not going through a good time...people will come to church and ask GOD for favour... this teach me one lesson too, whether in good or bad times, GOD is always there for's just that we are the one who put GOD aside when we are in good times...never think of Him, forget to give thanks... When we are in bad times, we seek GOD sooooo "faithfully"..asking His help. GOD is a good GOD, He will never leave us nor forsake us.. He helped us too!! My brother teached me something, when we are in bad times...praise GOD!! It was hard for me when I heard this for 1st time, thinking that is he insane? But this is a true facts, he told me a story of a man and his family... his daughter just born and her heart and liver was misplace... The doctor told him to get prepared...only 1% left to survive~~ this man chose to praise GOD!! For me, it was a great challenge..don't you think so??!!?? The daughter was saved! As pastor Frankie was praying for me, he said: the glory of GOD is all over this woman..." that is what Chris heard... hehehheee..thanks,Chris!! =p... Today my boss's brother came and take a look at our college..walking around...checking here and there... =) I was busying with my own faxing.... from morning till noon! Finally!! hehehehe... Sorry folks, nowadays doesn't took many pictures... OB Night is next friday!~~ I promise to take lots of be3autiful pic, k?? =) Take care!~~~ GOD bless and love you~!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Words =)

Hello bloggies~~ Time flies...this is the month of July!! WOw!! It is a good time to SHOP!! Mega Sales are now everywhere... For me, it is a good thing where I can shop lots of thing...=) But, at the same time I need to save my income =) Not to overspend to the things that is unesssary..Sounds so serious yea?? I went to Sunway last monday to seek for some mask for my eyes and face... went there after my work =p ...Semangat betul!! ehehheee... I never thought of buying clothes but when I stepped into Nichii, saw there was 50% - 70% ...I've found a tube is only RM34!! Well, I bought it~~ and bought 2 spagettis... =p I was happy what I've found and thank GOD for what He's has provided me =) Last Thursday, my GMM came to my branch, I was so so happy to see him cause he helped me a lot~~~ useless man afraid of him =p I knew I was not to complain toomuch...heheheee! Yesterday, ah liang came back to KL around 3am...he was exhausted!! Too rajin edy..heheheh he came with ah fong to work...What else can I say?? I am HAPPY...really HAPPY...we talked and joked around... Guys are always guys...they talked until half way and suddenly stop, looked at me and told me:" Sharlyn, we are are not supposed to hear what are we talking..." I just don't bothered them =p ....hahhahaa... Then ah liang asked me to help him to seprate his expenses... Well, I done it! Something which he told me I can't taip out..Sorry ya!~~ ahhahahaaa.... I am quite bored now though...not supposed to blog because no mood...but, since I got nothing to do... I decided to blog looooo....=p I will pose some pictures when I have the mood ya, folks?? In this month, I want to become more mature in GOD's word and His spirit...move out mycomfort zone...Love the ppl who are around me...treasure them!! Love you guys....bye bye!!