Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Hello bloggies! This morning I went to visit my niece again! Hahaha.. She is so adorable! =) I got some pics to share.. And she opens her eyes today! Yeah! She knows I want and will take photos of her.. Hahaha... =p

3 in 1...

ah gong always smile when he carries her... Hahaha =p

21-23/05/2008 - port dickson trip (p-1)

hello bloggies! again! Hahaha... Well, I planned to update some port dickson's pictures for you to enjoy.. But just a few only... I will upload more! Don't worry!!

27052008- my new born niece

hello bloggies! I have something joyful thing to share with you! My new born niece came to this world this morning!! Praise GOD that she is safe and sound! She is kinda fierce.. Cry very loud and sharp! Hahaha... Her name is Phylicia( in Greek means fortunate)... Phylicia Tay... Well, I want to congrats my 2nd bro and sis-in-law for becoming a dad and mum edi.. Er ke and er sao, congrats ya! Be a good daddy and mummy! Hehehe.. She is cute! Here is her pics!!

Daddy carrying...

Grandpa carrying...

Grandma carrying...

Bibi carrying... hahaha

sleep on mummy's arm...

she is sleeping! =)

Welcome Phylicia!! May GOD bless you! AUnty love you!! Muakss muakksss!! =D

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Hello bloggies! I know I have not been update quite frequently.. Hehehe... I am just waiting for great pics from my friend then only I will update my blog. It's kinda boring if you just read my blog without pics yea? Hehehehe... I love to share photos! So, please be patient and bear with me.. Will update soon! Take care ya! GOD bless you =)

Friday, May 9, 2008

to May Babies!!!

To May babies... Happy birthday to all of you!!! may God bless you abundantly!!! Well, i got lots of cousin and friend whose birthday is on the month of May..

She is my beautiful cousin... Katrina... 8 May.

this is my buddy- Jeremy... 11 May... *jeremy,hope you don't mind i put this emo face of yours..=p

this is my "twin" sis... 18 May...

this is my BELOVED,NAUGHTY and ADORABLE niece.. Yoshe.. she's 2 years old... 23 May
this is my cousin, Bro.Kwee.. 29th May..

this is my Er Sao.... =D... 31th May...

Well, no matter how old are you... you are still God's children!! Remember that! GOD bless!!

09052008 4:44pm

Hello Bloggies!! How are you? I know my blog has been "dead" for a while.. Hehehe... I got no inspiration and mood to write things... I got a lot of things to share with you!! This 2 May till 4 May, I went to church camp... Harvest Generation Church... Hehehe... The location is at Peace Haven, Genting... I got lots of pictures to share!!!! The theme for our church camp is " Buliding Character, Impacting Lives." Here they are...

Game Time!

The 2nd Game...It's was cold outside...

My team won the treasure hunt + puzzle Game!

1st Day of Worship... Chris lead...

Let us jump!!! Audrey,Lisa and me post a JUMP during relax time =)
Lisa took the photo! She's got the talent! Nice right?!
Yeah! Let us Jump again!

this is KateLynn and me... look blur that day cause just recover from eye swolen..

Morning Devotion...

1st Night, we arrived there!

Breakfast time!!

Nice sunset yea?

Last Night Worship..

Hope you like it!! Enjoy! Cheers! GOD bless you..