Monday, August 31, 2009

My short Hairstyle

Bloggies~~ 5 months!! I haven't come back to my little sweet hometown, Muar for 5 months~~!! I miss the food, the wind, and most importantly family members around me~!!~ So happy to see my daddy...!!! My mum came back with me too! FYI, my dad and mum couldn't sleep on the 1st day when my mum came back~!! Over excited!! hahahhaaa...Well, my mum didn't come back to Muar for almost 5 months too!!

I have changed my hairstyle... and, I love it~!! Perhaps, it might took me a little while to think whether should I cut my hair or not... from long to short~~ Not everyone dare to cut it!(for those who had long hair)~ Keeping long hair needs patience...and need to spend money for those bottles which protect your hair...shampoo,conditioner,hair mask and then hair serum..~~ I wanna to keep my long hair till my bro's wedding...but, the down part of the hair began to spilt caused by hair dying and straightening... hehehhee... So, I cut it!! I will keep my hair long for my bro's wedding!! this shall be the first and last time i cut this hairstyle...HmmmMmm...

On the day I cut my hair, my mum went too to cut and colored her hair...hhehee!!~~ I really want to thank everyone of you who had prayed for my mum...she is getting better each day!! I am happy! She shared her testimony in church today by singing "To GOD be the glory"! It might sounds oldies but the meaning of the song is so strong!!~ Few of them cried...I cried too~~~ Without GOD, my mum won't be in here today!!

Enjoy the pics~!!

---- My Long Hair ----

On the 280809, a short hair style...

Can you image?

From the back~!

my aunt and mum.

mum and dad =)

OB night 300709

Hi bloggies~~! happy Merdeka!!! =) Satu Malaysia~!! hehehee... I'be not update my blog for one month pklus edy due to my exam~!!~~ hehehee... Sorry for the delay of my OB Nite pictures that I've promised to post them out on the beginning of Aug. But, it is only a few pics coz there are nothing much to be take... well, enjoy them! I shall update a new post!

Me and Sab =)

Amji and Slyn

Me and Rynn

Michelle and me

my bestie, Winnie and me =)