Sunday, April 27, 2008


Heelo bloggies! I am back again to update! *phew*..exams are over!! Happy me =D ... Well, yesterday i went out with mama tiri(she's my Indonesian friend).. I called her mama tiri..=) ... We went somewhere around sunway to eat Indonesian food! It's nice! 4 of us..Soni(mama tiri's husband),Citra(mama tiri),Abud and me.. 3 of them are Indonesian! Hehehe... so, we went for Indo food! =p... After that, we went to Curve to shop...just to spend the time and moreover my and mama tiri's exams are over!! Haahaha... We decided to watch movie..suppose to watch something Action or horror movie..but mama tiri pregnant. So, it's not good for a pregnant mum to watch that type of movie.. hehehe.. and we decided to watch something comedy...that is The Forbidden Kingdom! It was a funny and nice show! You guys should watch it! Our movie is at we go jalan-jalan and lepak lepak... hehehe.. as well to wait for our friend, Iqbal. We went to a shop name "the Apartment" to have a drink and wait our dear friend. 530pm, we went for our movie..all of us lol! haha.. after the movie, we go to Uncle Lim's..cause mama tiri feel like eating "bubur",we went there...Makan! I didn't take because mama tiri wanted to bring me to a taiwan shop and eat their mee... I thought what mee is that so special...manatau is Mee Suah...for me,it tasted ok..cause i don't really like to eat mee suah.. ahahaha.. Later everything, we went to Soni's house and watch movie and play monopoly! Hahahaha.. from 1130 till 115am we played! It was fun..

Oh ya, Bobow(Soni's cat) joined us too! I have some pics to show... hehehe...

Bobow= 2 years old cat...naughty cat! =p


this is my Phantom!! Hahaha.. i love his voice!

Condolences to Juana...she died at 100pm yesterday... poor juana...must be missing her partner, Joni... Joni also died few days ago.. maybe both of them were too sensitive to the enviroment..or too much of food for them..

this is me...messy hair yea? Strong wind at mama tiri's condo blew.. hehehe.. I enjoyed the wind! Took during Soni's birthday at 19042008.
Raining heavily before Soni's birthday.. =)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

birthday wishes.. =)

Happpy birthday!!!! To the April babies! JeN che che, Happy sweet 26th Birthday! Luv u! my best boyfriend, Steve! Happy young 19th Birthday!! All the best to you! Nick.. Blessed birthday! may GOD bless you!

25042008...Blessed birthday Ches!! All the best in whatever you do!! =)


Heello bloggies! My apology for not updating my blog for a long time! I am busy with my events and exams in college...Hope you forgive ya! Hehehe... Well, how are all of you? In the beginning of the month, 4th April... is Secretaries Night of my college. a busy day for me though! I got pics to show all of you... hehhe... I want to thank God He has given me enough time of preparing my exams too.. hehehe...

Mr.Rao( principal) speaking..

4 Alluring Chinese girls, singing song "YONG Qi"

The models and Designers..

my designer, Anusha from Sri Lanka..