Sunday, September 16, 2007

the 12th day....

frens!!! this is some pics to share.... hope u enjoy!!

He is my nephew!!! he's 2weeks old... DOB is 30082007!! that was one day close before Merdeka Day!! His name is Kai Xu!! a nice name...
Hehehee..this is what i snapped when we went to visit him... isn't he cute??

this is me... hehehe... too boring so take some pics in out my house...
it was after the rain.... u can see... the road was wet!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

11th day...

my hair!!! nice or not? i did it today!! 10092007! x) !! it was done by Francis( BUDDY Hair Studio)

by the way, i wanna to share a nice song!!! is a christian song...... see:::

God Of My Forever

God of my youth I remember
Your call on my life took me o’er
Your love has seen me through all
my days
I stand here by Your grace
On this altar I’ve written my life
Tells of a story I have with You my
I want the world to know

God of my forever
And forever I’m with You
My life is saved with a price
Your sacrifice redeemed my soul
God of my forever
And forever I will sing
My greatest honor will always be
To serve my Lord and King

Verse 2:
God of my all I’ve surrendered
My heart fids its rest in Your Word
Praises will not be enough to show
How my love for You has grown
Nothing matters when You’re here
with me
In the end just to hear You say
“well done.”
Bowing before Your throne


Forever and ever
Jesus You alone in glory reign
Forever and ever
With You I’ll walk this narrow way

Friday, September 7, 2007

10th day.... 2 in the morning...

this is some pics... =p

my 2nd bro and elder bro... see the differences?

me acting cool with the sunglass and emerge handband

side view of me... wearing a yellow n blue emerge handband... yea... on the way for lunch!!

being soft and gentle pose... xD

pic with wine....

actual pic... hahaha...


with the scaft on my head... hehhehe

....that's all....

9th day...

Hello! i'm back again! i got my new laptop... thank you daddy for buying me this laptop! and thank you er ke,er sao for sending me to me this laptop late night... THANK YOU! oh ya, i want to share some pics abt the OB NITE and EMRGE...only a few... hope u enjoy!! hehehe... Here goes...

the decoration... there's no one when i reached there...

me and Cyros,a fashion student.... nice guy!!

the beautiful mixture girl, Naqiah and me... we're classmate!!

me and Mr.Conrad,the most famous lecturer!!! don't worry..i wont bite/eat you...( his famous quotes for all of us!)

this is EMERGE at Sheraton Subang!