Saturday, February 23, 2008


Hello bloggies! I know now it's already late...4.12 a.m in the morning and i am updating my blog. hehehe... Well, this time no pics but got a little joy sharing of what have i done today. A little bit of difference,ok? More words this time....=p...First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO FONG FONG CHE CHE!! MAY GOD BLESS YOU! LOVE YOU YA.!! Friday morning went to college about 10 morning to practice fashion show, but the end...nothing happen! Waste my time! During lunch time, i went out with Conrad to take our lunch! Yummy! As usual, we talk and talk until 2 something...course both of us no class! Hooray!! hehehe... and we talk until he accompany to the bus stand and he goes back to college again... thank you for your time,Conrad!! Luv ya...These few days busy with my assignments but i really want to thank God that He has helped me a lot a lot! God is good...all the time!! He knows that i am an impatient nut to finish up my homework, when my class finished and i walk to the bus stand, and there is bus coming for me to sit! You know, good timing! Only God can do it! hehehe, i just want to thank Him!! NO words could describe the Lord. Well,this evening my church was having an overnight prayer meeting at church! It was AWESOME! Can you imagine, from 8p.m till 1a.m somthing? We keep praying praying to God, singing song to worship Him!! This is my first time having a Long time communicate with God and i don't feel any tiredness in me! Isn't it wonderful? It sounds a very long hours to pray from 8 till 1...but, i just want to tell you guys don't feel the time is running fast... and when you are praying, you couldn't be bothered what time is it...just be in the presence of God... it's a beautiful and a great time! Hallelujah! I really want to grow more in God's word and His be a leader for the next generation!! It's so good to be in the house of God...for He said..."My house shall be a House of Prayer"...yes,when we enter to His place, we are not just worshipping Him but to pray...communicate with Him...we prayed for the church,members, church leaders, ministries...
If you guys listen to Hillsongs album, try the new cd... a song entitled " Here in my life" is a nice and a meaningful song... the chorus goes like this:

You are my freedom, Jesus You're the reason,
I'm kneeling again at Your throne,
Where would I be without You,
Here in my life, here in my life?

this song reminded me about when Jesus is not with us, where would we be? Without Him, am i still here? Because of Him, I am here!! I've found my purpose to live and love my life... Jesus, the first priority that I need in my life! More of Him, less of me... I am HAPPY... =)

Jesus, I love You!

time: 4.45am

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Hey girls, HAPPY SWEET 19TH BIRTHDAY ya... best wishes in everything you do!! Take care and see you again!! Love you!!

CNY CNY CNY CNY CNY 200820082008!!!!

hello bloggies! i am back again for some CNY updates. Well, actually i am very busy these few weeks..but,i don't want to get myself into some "mental", i am come here to release some stress in me by posting photos...sharing a joy with you!! =D.... i bet everyone love CNY but this year too short edi...not tat fun.....but i do enjoy myself a little bit! Here they are...

this is what we call "YEE SHANG"...take up n throw down will bring u prosperous future~ this photo is my cell group..we celebrate before CNY at Vietnam Kitchen.

here comes my guy cousins... there are various posing...hippie-the yoyo ,cool,scary,not paying attention to the camera..which is the best?!

there comes GIRL cousins, Sharlyn,Ying and Joo... hahaha...

all the cousins, nephews and niece...
PEACE!... the happiness of gathering!


this is my mum's sibling and in-laws...with grandmother..!!

CNY gathering at michelle and leroy's house...

this is Michelle's house...a very big and well-decorated house!!! from clockwise: Edmond, Michelle, Adeline, Lisa, Wei Ern, Daniel, SHarlyn, Mindy, Sharon...

this is Leroy's house...he asked us to go there before he leave Muar to Singapore!... =p

Sunday, February 10, 2008


back again! these photos taken during my cousin,Gary's wedding on the 9th Feb 2008!! =D

my family!!! yeah~

peace sign!! YO!

this is my siblings..and in laws... hehehe!

me and my cousin, Katrina...pretty girl!

"BANANA" and "SAN POK PEK"... =p

A bicycle's diary

hello bloggies! has been a long time i didn't update my blog... you know la, CNY is here!!, i am busy!! hehehe... well, this post regards abt wat am i doing during one fine day in the afternoon,i think it was my birth day. I will upload my birthday pics when they've finish transfer and editing! This bicycle's diary photos were took in different day..those in green tee, i took my own...abt my cousin, i took for her!! enjoy!


took while i am cycling! it was fun!

this is my cousin, Jacelyn!



thanks to cameraa!!

i used timer to snap! it is not an easy thing k?

when the wind comes, see...what happen to my hair....