Tuesday, July 2, 2013

the past. 6

What's  up bloggies! :) It is 2nd July already~~

What have you guys done the pass 6 months? Studyyy...Holidayyy...Workinggg...Hanging Onnn?

Well, these past six months had been a fruitful month for me so far... and, hoping that this coming six months even better~~ :)

Most of you know that I am working in church :) so, I am kinda packed with church events such as prayer meeting, bible studies~ one word, AWESOME! At times I will feel tired cause thinking that all these things pretty much eaten up my schedule...but, I was WRONG~ by having these is an OPPORTUNITY instead omission~~ hehe! That's when I tell myself NOT to be a COMPLAINER. I must be thankful that God has given me all these things to build up my life and mould my character. Of course, there will be times when I don't feel good cause it is not easy to get out the comfort zone~~ Teehee!

In the month of March, I became a cell leader :) It is not an easy task especially two leaders in a cell but I believed God has His divine purposes for our cell :) my partner in 'crime' is Sek Kit...hehee~ in times, we need to tolerate, compromise each other as we are not a same person~ Thank God each of us are different~ this community needs different people. One that is upfront - reach out, display. One that is  behind - reach in, disclose. Everyone is important to God, doesn't matter which category you are, God still can use us! 

I shall tell you more stories following by month:-

January = starting off this month by having 12 days of prayer meetings~~ prayer works! And, leaders' retreat at Lost World of Tambun, Perak and bible study on Book of Daniel. Month of January is my ta ge's birthday! :)

 Picture took in church... hehehee~ having green color tops! :)

lil gift of Hello Kitty plaster from Zoe~~ She loves me and I love her too! 

 Appreciation Dinner for church staff~~ having all sorts of pose for the ladiessss!

February = starting off with my birthday! Hahhahahaaa, I know I am so pe-ra-san! What to do? My birthday is on the 4th! And then only comes Chinese New Year~~ ohohooooo! Ang paus ang paus time...(some of you thinking isn't 'paus' is whale in malay? hahahaha!) Ended the month with bible study, Pentateuch(pen-ta-tut or pen-ta-cute), it refers to the first five books of the Bible (Genesis to Deuteronomy)

 picture took in Brotzeit, Sunway Pyramid... me had martini~ ;)

Chinese New Year... the pretty lady with me is Rachel!

March =  starting off this month with overnight prayer meeting~~ ahahahahaa, most of you must be thinking...why so holy one? ;) then we have bible study on Israel and ended this month with my beloved mum's and cousin Jing Er's birthday! :)

 Mum, Jing Er and my dad :)

Family potrait~~ this only contained my mum's side family~~ kekekee! And, it is not a complete picture~ ;) *chilliii*

April = quite a quiet month~~ hehee... some time, all of us need a BREAK! received a facebook reply and was so happy~~ wonder from who leh?? It is Mr.Jack Neo! :) heheheeeee~~~ ended this month with Membership Induction~~~ oh yay!

May = after break, work comes! As you can read my previous post regarding Armoured Camp... Here are some pictures! :)

 Went out to meet up my ex-colleague and boss :) happyyy!

 during free time, some of them played a game called saboteur~

during game session, the guys need to do the following action in the picture to enable the team to get more ping pong balls :) hahaha~~

 the committee... finally, we ended the camp well!

the participants :)

 this year we have in-house speaker and ever best pastor, my pastor...ps.Ryan! :) learnt a lot!!

last day of camp, of course can't forget to have some selfie ;p

 having some tea-time as some drivers needed a 'boost' :)

June = I had cell combined BBQ at Justin's place :) supposed to be on the first week of June but many of them can't make it, so we had it on second week of June~~ :) I watched Man of Steel with bunch of young working adults from church on 22nd~ :)

 despite not having BBQ at first week, I went to Bethany's house warming :) a cozy apartment house they have! 

Picture grabbed from Brenda's fb~~ Thank u, Brenda! :)

 Dinner at Italiannies, Curve before catching the movieee

Subang was surrounded by haze from 23rd - 26th June~~ MASK on!

end this month with the color of BLUE!! :) lovely lady with me is Li Yee :D

That's all~ take care peeps and have great day ahead! GOD bless yaaaaaa. PEACE

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MAY - eventful 2013

Greetings to the month of May!

When month of May is approaching, it is somehow sounded like a FLOWER month~ or should I say Blooming month? May I know what kind of flowers that you guys like or fond of? Roses? Orchids? Lilies? Well, I like Tulips! I know it is hard to plant and to maintain Tulips in Malaysia because they need cold temperature... On 1st May in Malaysia is a Labour Day which is a public holiday for those working people. I got my day off and spent it fruitfully - if you are showered under God's word, what more can I say? 

As many of you also know that on the 5th May is the darkest day in the history of Malaysia... all the counts, votes just went missing? Many people are so disappointed with the government. News on election has not been taken down till date~ Even for the newspaper... These few days wanna to buy newspaper, but the moment I saw the headlines~~ it is like nah, it is okay~ Internet nowadays or facebook are even faster in updating latest information~ The only thing I can do is to continue to pray! :)

Dear Jesus the Messiah, may You continue to watch over Malaysia! :)

On the 12th May, it is MOTHER's Day!! Have you wish your mum Happy Mother's Day? Oh well, I haven't cause I can't reach her... cause she's in Taipei, Taiwan with my dad to visit my super strong 90-year- old granduncle~ :) my phone no roaming, so...can't call~~ Dad not so tech-gy person too! 

Dear Mama, Happy Mother's Day~~!! Thank you so much for all your giving and sacrifice upon our family~ from the youngest to the oldest, you never cease to take your eyes off on us :) may the Lord continue to protect you and strengthen you! :) Love you, mama! 

9 days to A M O U R E D camp! It is a camp organized by my church... Why do we named the theme as Armoured? You may read from this http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Ephesians%206&version=NKJV... Ephesians 6:10-20 

Some pictures are from google, facebook ~ :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Updates~~ :)

Hi Bloggies~ Such a long time didn't post up... anyway, just a few pictures to share with you guys! Love ya!

We celebrate mum's 60th Birthday! That's my family ~~ :) I am thankful to GOD who has renewed a new life for my mum!!

 As you can see, I am in military mood ... hahhahaa~ all because of Ah Boys to Men! :) Well, if you haven't watch...get your butt up to go watch it! :)

Just a random shots with my friends~ :)

If you follow my blog, you will be able to know something about Missing Sun Production. Below are the photos which we took in studio~~ Very Korean-ish right? hahahhaaa... what to do? We have Oppa Gangnam Style, Gwiyomi and latest one is Gentleman... hahahhaaa~ 

Thursday, February 14, 2013


HALO Bloggies! Haven't been updating my blog for almost 2 months! 

This year is quite a special year for me as it is my chinese zodiac's year! SNAKE! hahahahaa... well, some people said/told me that I shouldn't layan all these things...but but, don't be so holy lah... I am still a Chinese *ahhemmmm, I know I don't look like Chinese~~ =p*

4th Feb, parents came up to KL to celebrate birthday for me *winks* ...we went to Brotzeit, Sunway Pyramid. Whenever spending time with family, it is always the BEST time! Some of you might disagree with me...hehehehe~~ I don't care! 

14th Feb, what are you guys coming up with Valentine's Day? Bring your love one to jalan-jalan? Surprise love one with ring/flower? Singles walk around admiring couples holding & crossing fingers? Singles partying up with singles? All I can say is, doesn't matter what are you doing...do it right! To build a family is never easy, it is not like "i like you you like me we sleep together get baby and happy ending". There are lotsa foundation to be build =) You might say that what I am talking now is veli the easy...but, I have seen, listened and observed. Everyone of us here need GOD! He is Only ONE that knows what is in our thoughts~ do not belittled God.

Since I got nothing much to do, I've watched Freaky Friday~~! It was so good...Linsay Lohan, you the girl..man! 

9th - 17th Feb, CNY.... =) Have anyone of you did 'lou sang'? Oh well, I did! =) I too, watched a Singapore movie called "Ah Boys To Men" with relatives! A good show! 

Some pictures to share:-

Took this picture after taking nap...it was un-planned but I got to take a pic to post up fb to wish everyone "gong xi fa cai"~~ xp

Pictures took from Google... THANK U, google! =) 


Chad Michael Murray...you rock! <3 font="">

Ah Boys To Men... =) good movie from Singapore, you did a good job...Mr.Jack Neo! =) watch it, peeps! Those who don't  know any hokkien, you must ask a friend who knows hokkien to watch with you yaa~~
Rating:- 7/10, cause I can't wait to watch the 2nd movie... =)

"Taxi Taxi" by Singapore plus Malaysian actresses....a MUST watch if you know hokkien... x) 
Rating:- 7.5/10, if you don't know hokkien...you won't like it. But, the lil kid can really act! Give a try!

4th Feb, picture with family at Brotzeit