Sunday, May 31, 2009

a blog on the 31 May 2009

Hi Bloggies! How are all of you? Hehehee... My blog has been delayed again~!! Sorry for that! I found no time to update my blog =( ...Today, it is my Er Sao's birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ER SAO!!  May GOD bless you!~!  On Tuesday, we actually celebrated Phylicia's 1st birthday! The photos will be post a bit later coz they are in my sis's camera~! Hehehehee... the next day, I took leave and brought my mum for physiotherapy =) That morning the room were packed!~! The physiotherapist gave my mum some exercise from top to toe~! ehhehee.. my mum is a strong woman!!! Currently I am at my aunt's house now and using my cousin's laptop to update my blog since I got nothing to do... my mum and aunty are having a nap now =) While me, updating my blog and watch tv... oh yea, one more thing!! I just bought a new mobile for is W902!! They have 3,purple,green~ What do you think I will pick?? MMMmmmMM....I put this question for you guys to guess! You can answer it in my chatterbox =) Right, enjoy the pictures below ya!!

how is it? Nice? Inspired by Lady Gaga's song = Poker's Face =p

While waiting for my bro in church...bored!! Called my babyphy for almost 1 hour!! 

Alright guys!! This is my mum!! She went and cut her hair~! Doesn't her new hair look looks great and refresh??? For me, it is awesome~~!

My mum and daddy!! hehehehe =) 

My New Model of Mobile = W902... 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just a blog

Good morning Bloggies~~! I am here to update my blog..~~ Promised you guys that I will update the blog once I have picture. Finished my task and read newspaper and reviewing some thing... I got nothing to do though... MmmmMM...I am waiting for some students but they didnt turn up...=/... Here are some pictures I would like to share with you guys~@~!

Woe is ME by Alvin!! Alvin is my church friend! Hahahaa..A tall and friendly guy~!~ Not bad ya Alvin...shine in the darkness!

Obviously that is me...Took the pictures just now..nothing to do ==''

My work place~!~

My superior's place..hehehee..Who's next?

ON the 15 April, we actually celebrated Masoni's birthday! Michelle brought her daughter along!
Introducing Miss Ashley... she is so adorable and her eye lash is superb long~~!! She loves furry thing like bear..=)

Some pose of hers...hehehehe~~!

Supposed to go Ipoh this Saturday and lead the worship...but, I forgot I have to work~~!!! =="
This is Sherene and I... How time flies...

I think I should bring my laptop to my workplace..When there is nothing, I can edit pics.....Teehee!! Take care yea guys~!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Hello once again~! This is some photos that I have for the May babes!!~~

Katrina and I =) Farewell for her to Australia

Sis and Phylicia...=)

My Er Sao =)

That is me when felt bored in the hospital.... =p

Mama smiles =) Gambateh,mama!!

This is a vegetarian wantan mee... hehehee...

There are not much of photos I update coz busy with work...sorry bloggies~!! Forgive me!

The month of May =)

Hello bloggies~~! It has been a long time I didn't update my blog... Well, I was busy with my work and mum still in the hospital =) There are lots of my family member and friend whose birthday is in the month of May... The number begins...

May 2 = Happy birthday,Uncle Johnson!!
May 8 = To my beloved Banana, Blessed 19th Birthday~! You're so fortunate!! Having parents
up to Adeleide to visit and celebrate with you...=) All the best to your studies~!! Miss
you lots~!! Take care!
May 10 = To lao yi, happy birthday! May GOD's blessing continue to shower you!!
May 11 = To Jeremy, Happy 20th Birthday ya!!!
May 13 = To my cousin Ying, Happy 21st Birthday!! Finally, you are "free"~~ You must take
good care of youself~!
May 15 = Baby Nicholas, Happy 1st birthday!! May GOD bless you!!
May 18 = Blessed 24th Birthday, my sis~!!! May you continue to trust Him constantly! And, find
a boyfriend!! =p
May 23 = Naughty and adorable Yoshe,Happy 3rd Birthday!! GOD bless you!
May 27 = Baby Phylicia, aunty wish you Happy 1st Birthday ya!! GOD bless you~!
May 29 = Bro Kwee, Blessed biirthday! May GOD bless you and your family!
May 31 = Er Sao, Happy 29th Birthday!! May GOD bless you~~!!

That's all... For those who are praying for my mum, the lastest update is: mum will be discharge in one week time =) Pray for full recovery and patience =) THANK YOU!! Now I am working but I got not much thing to do. Latest photos will update very soon!! I promise~~!! =) Take care,bloggies~!!