Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recovery and WOrk

Good evening bloggies! I have good news to share with you all... My mum is in the progress of recovery! Praise GOD!! She needs to do "fisiotherapy" now to gain back her muscle strength. I also want to say a BIG thank you for those who had prayed for my mum =) Please continue to pray for complete recovery~~ Thank you!! Oh yea, I am back to work...I took unpaid leave for 3 weeks to look after my mum. After all, I got no "heart" to work when my mum was hospitalized. But after seeing her recovering, my dad advice me to go back to work. He said to me:" we must have faith in GOD. Putting our trust to Him." Well, I went back to work on Monday, I've been changed my position from Course Consultant to Admin.Assistant. I enjoyed this job though coz it's related to what I've studied....=) Today is just another working day for me =) ahahhaaa... I have a joke...while my working colleagues, Su and Hazri tried to joke with Cal about going for a vacation to Thailand... both of them really can act though! They are so serious with Cal..Cal was bit blur today also... At first he really believe that Su and Hazri already book the air ticket to Thailand... He was stoned by their action and blur too... When I look at them, I couldn't laugh out loud coz I don't want to spoil their plan... At the same time I pitied Cal also, so I played eye contact with Cal..and he caught my meaning... but he continued to play the plan with Su and Hazri...hahhahaa...!! When I was going to back home, Hazri was bit guilty of tricking Cal... hahahaa.... I don't care that much...I think it's so funny!! Sometimes this kind of jokes can really release some tension~~!! I think that's all... Take care ya!

They are the one who are in my mind and heart now... =)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pray for my Mum =)

Hello bloggies! I won't be updating my blog regularly...coz my mum was hospitalized. There was bacteria infect her brain...Thank GOD she is concious..=) On Sunday, I was told that my mum was hospitalized..I was super panic and bro,Calvin on the other side asked me not to cry... I went to work after church service... Eyes was full of tears, went to work place and was planning to apply my leave, Cal saw me and asked me to stay calm and sit down... I told him about mum and he asked me to go to Malacca...Cal, thank you!! hehheee... On Monday night, we celebrated mum's 56th Birthday... she forced herself to wake up and blow the candle...My sis and I went out and cried coz my mum simply talk...that is when she was attacked by the bacteria in her brain... I went to work on Tuesday but I can't focus properly... I finished class around 930pm and bro fetched me back. Along the way, bro told me that mum transferred to ICU...I was stunt and blurred that time... My mind was emptied and tears flow...Suey and bro 'tenangkan' me =) .... Kor Bud fetched me to Malacca around 11pm...I settled things that is in church and working place. To cut the story short, my mum was suggested by the doctor to transfer her to University Hospital at PJ... I followed the ambulance. Everythings went smoothly.. I really want to thank for those who had prayed for my mum and my family...a big THANK YOU~~!! I know GOD will do His things in His time! My mum can open her eyes and respond what we asked but she is weak and can't talk still... Please continue to pray for my mum for full recovery! Thank you so so so so much!!! GOD bless you!!~~