Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HAPPY DEEPAVALI! 291008 130am ---- 212am

Good Morning bloggies!These few days' weather super HOT!!! Hehehe.. Well, I am quite up-to-date my blog edy huh.. Coz I'm having one week off for Deepavali...that means I'm FREE! That's why update my blog lah... On 28 Oct, I slept around 415am after chatting with my nakal nephew and got up at 950am to prepare myself before going to my Indian friends house... hehehe.. I sat bus to Thila's house and later on we went to Sumetra's house! Hahaha... It was a fun experience!! I never celebrate indian festival before...This is my first time! Weee...!!! After that, Nicky fetched us to Bukit Tinggi Jusco... and we shopped! Phy and I went to BLOOK and saw a few cheap tube top and singlet!! It's only RM10 for one!! Can you believe this?! Hahaha.. Phy can't believe... Hahaha.. Phy bought a yellow singlet and white tube top. As for me, I wanted to buy green color for the tube top,biut Phy said I got too many GREEN!! Hahaha...Well, it's true! =D ...So,I took white colour too..same with Phy! Nicky had to go home early...Viv,Phy followed him. I didn't followed coz went to Boobs's house. While waiting for Charles and gang, I fell asleep at Boobs's sofa...too comfortable! Hahaha... But, Charles and gang didn't turn up..Boobs and I quite disappointed!! =( ... Boobs celebrated with his school mate and classmate... I am included,k? I considered the representative for college mate! Hahaha... Boobs and his friend fetched me home by 1205am.. Had bath then soked clothes... at last, Blog...Update photos in Friendster and Facebook! People, enjoy the pictures!!!

Sumetra welcomes you!

Sumetra served drinks for us!

the cookies!

the decoration!

friends!! = Phy,Sume,Slyn,Thila,Nicky,Viv!

Slyn with Sumetra and her relatives!

Slyn and 2 Indian friends =)


Took at outside Sume's hse...

Presenting the Bukit Tinggi Jusco!! Girls, u must not miss it!!

Presenting Boobs's house...The living room...

the Dining table...

the Decoration.. I like this!

the day shall come....

Boobs's friend putting on the candles..

The birthday Boy!

Boobs feed his mum and his mum feed him...

Cutting the cake!

My idea...but other people do the end.... hHahaha

the friends!! =D

Take care,friends!!! =)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

281008 0155am - 255am

Hello bloggies! It has been 20 days I didn't update my blog... Hehehe! Lazy and no inspiration. First of all, HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY to Dengzompa babe, Boobs! May GOD bless you!! Well, I got nothing to do now and decided to update my blog while chatting with my "nephew"... Hehhee! On the 19 Oct, I went to Musuem Shah Alam for modelling...for Anusha! Hehehe... I enjoyed that although the event was not good and grand like OB 2008!! I missed OB!! Hahaha.. I miss the president,too! Hahaha... Well, on the 24 Nov, my new batch of the Secretarial school had tea party... I attended the party as an encouragement for them!! Hehehe.. They did a great job! I runned here n there help them in ushering and lights on and off for they don't know where the lights placed.. Well, as the ex-president of tea party...I should help them to make this party a success... They happy I happy too! =p ... I got to know a new friend named Joe! An indian guy from my college's front desk and new lecturer, Mr. Dinesh.. A young and good looking lecturer...he is only 24?! Hahaha... That's true! Both of them handsome and their birthday fall in same date and month...I shall not expose! Find out yourself if you are interested in them.. Hahaha... Joe is a funny guy! Hahaha... About Mr.Dinesh, he is kinda cool! =p... Let me end the story about this two dudes! On Monday, I woke up at 145pm!! I can't believe myself I actually did tat man! I was not "full sleep" lah... hahaha! Then bathed and go shop at Subang Parade and Carrefour at 215... My "Bean" phoned me and talked until his credit finished! Hehehe... and Had lunch in Pizza Hut! Jeremy came...and we looking for his jeans! We went to F.O.S.,Reject Shop...Bossini...He found his "wanted" jeans and t-shirt in Bossini... thank GOD! From RM175 to RM70...why can't he buy?! SO cheap!!! After that, we went Carrefour... I bought Ceres fruitjuice, Handglove, 7 Up(nowadays super hot!), can fruit ( longan and mixed fruit) and LoveLetters! hehehe.. I backed home by 610pm.. shop about 3 hours.. Hahaha! Backed home n watched TV... Later, went dinner with kor,ernsuey and erntysr... After food, read CLEO as well as watching Beauty and the Beast.. then exercise by dancing... Hahaha... Well, phoned mum... my babyphy and my dearest n beloved ER KE!!! Thank GOD he and his family are fine! =D... MISS him soooooo much and my niece,Phylicia n er sao! So,sweated edy then showered again!! Had prayer... Then ONLINE! Chatted with Viv,Jace,JuSiong n Vic(my "nephews").. Oh no, I actually shared my whole day with you guys! Hahaha... Hope you enjoy the pictures!!! =D Take care!

during the walk...

Notice anything wrong? Hahaha..

Handsome guy and me =)

Mr.Adib and Joe... ROCK ON!

The new batch's Tea Party!!

Mr.Dinesh,Slyn and Joe!!

Joe and his friend!!

Me and Joe ROCK post!

Me and Mr.Dinesh hiphop style! Hahaha...

Mr.Dinesh looks blur! HEhehe..Sorry sir! =p

Joe's friend own snap!

HAPPY DEEPAVALI to my Dengzompa Babes and indian friends! =D

Messy Hair, love it!

the SIMPLY post!

the EMO post!

the SMILE post!

the SEXaY post!

the HairFLy post!

the MIXED post!

ENJOYED THEM!! =D I think it's the longest post?!?! =)


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This post is specially dedicated to my handsome guy! 0810..u were born! Hahaha.. I shall not expose which year he born...He is a nice guy, single but not available... Hahaha! =D ... Hope you can achieve what you want to do and get! All the best to you and future!


March 21,we began to talk to each other! Yea! Hahaha...

Best smile!! =D

"we are getting married" said amji...=p

peace pose!

when he is in work station! Hahaha...

your gorgeous lady!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

7 Octorber 2008

Hello bloggies! It has been a while I didn't update my blog. Teehee... Well, on the 30 September... is Leroy, my beloved aunty(AH YI)'s birthday! Hehehe... MyAh Yi celebrated her 60 years old birthday! My mum planned this event. Actually, ah yi not supposed to know we are giving her suprise birthday... but, haih... rahsia terbongkar! So, she knows... hahaha... A little story about her then... Ah Yi used to work for my family when I was young... she took care of me since the day I was born. Ah Yi is a very kind and soft-hearted person! She seldom scold me and when I did something wrong, she only adviced me patiently... Hehehe... Yea, I think I am quite naughty that time! Hahaha... Every Monday, she and my mum will go "pasar" to buy vegetables and meats to cook =) . My ah yi's cooking is superb!!! Ah yi left my house and stopped her job when her husband sicked. My uncle had parkinson and caused a lot of problem to my ah yi... Ah yi took care of him timelessly until last year the Lord took my uncle back with Him on the month of January 27 2007. My ah yi looked like a conservative person but she's not... she is quite open minded! Hahaha... She sees things positively! Well, that's why ah yi deserve this suprise birthday celebration! Here are some pictures... enjoy!!

Blessed 60th Birthday, Ah Yi! I love you!!!

Ah Yi's family... son,daughters,daughter-in-law,sons-in-law,grandchildren =D Huge family!

Birthday cake from my family... the "TAYS"...

Ah yi with my family... =D

Ah yi with her nephews, nieces... mixed!

Ah yi with me n Nicholas, Kuan Seng(her son-in-law) n Yoshe!

We had dinner in Star Restaurant, Muar.

Me and my sister, do we look alike?!

Photograpy session... Hahaha!