Thursday, July 24, 2008

240708 =)

Hello bloggies! It has been a long long time I didn't update my blog. I am sorry for that! Hahaha.. I got no inspiration and mood to update! Hope you guys forgive me =) This few weeks a lot of things happen.. On the 11th- 13th July, I went to Port Dickson with my college friends. They known as Dengzompa! I love the group so much! Hahaha... Well, we play havoc! Hahaha... It was so so crazy man! What a wonderful experience! WHen we were playing True or Dare, we played kissing la.. hugging la..smelling.. hahaha.. asking those sensitive question! Hees.. The trip only had one chinese that's ME! Hahaha.. One Dutch, that is Fayaz! Mr. Vinod was a very very very SPORTING lecturer~! I never met a lecturer who is so so OPEN and SPORTING! I got some pics to share!


The group.. Hehehe..some of them not in the pic!

Crazy pose!

the girls with "tu pac"! Dengzompa's DJ!

Mervyn! That is not a good way to die! Hehehe...

Jath, is your leg ok? Trying to be Kung Fu Panda's Master Sifu?

Jath meditating... hahaha.. tenang!

Me and adorable Maz! OUr skin color looks alike yea? That's why ppl never thought i am a Chinese! Hahaha..

Me and Vino! A crazy and good friend to have!

Me and Mr. Vinod! He is so sporting, patient...

1st day when we reach the house...charles and mervyn tak sabar-sabar nak pergi berenang!

Mr.Vinod cleaning the back floor...

On the way to Port Dickson, Nand and Boobs dance!

Jath cleaning the floor too... He is a tidy guy!

The girls are crazy dancing Dumpacale...