Tuesday, July 2, 2013

the past. 6

What's  up bloggies! :) It is 2nd July already~~

What have you guys done the pass 6 months? Studyyy...Holidayyy...Workinggg...Hanging Onnn?

Well, these past six months had been a fruitful month for me so far... and, hoping that this coming six months even better~~ :)

Most of you know that I am working in church :) so, I am kinda packed with church events such as prayer meeting, bible studies~ one word, AWESOME! At times I will feel tired cause thinking that all these things pretty much eaten up my schedule...but, I was WRONG~ by having these is an OPPORTUNITY instead omission~~ hehe! That's when I tell myself NOT to be a COMPLAINER. I must be thankful that God has given me all these things to build up my life and mould my character. Of course, there will be times when I don't feel good cause it is not easy to get out the comfort zone~~ Teehee!

In the month of March, I became a cell leader :) It is not an easy task especially two leaders in a cell but I believed God has His divine purposes for our cell :) my partner in 'crime' is Sek Kit...hehee~ in times, we need to tolerate, compromise each other as we are not a same person~ Thank God each of us are different~ this community needs different people. One that is upfront - reach out, display. One that is  behind - reach in, disclose. Everyone is important to God, doesn't matter which category you are, God still can use us! 

I shall tell you more stories following by month:-

January = starting off this month by having 12 days of prayer meetings~~ prayer works! And, leaders' retreat at Lost World of Tambun, Perak and bible study on Book of Daniel. Month of January is my ta ge's birthday! :)

 Picture took in church... hehehee~ having green color tops! :)

lil gift of Hello Kitty plaster from Zoe~~ She loves me and I love her too! 

 Appreciation Dinner for church staff~~ having all sorts of pose for the ladiessss!

February = starting off with my birthday! Hahhahahaaa, I know I am so pe-ra-san! What to do? My birthday is on the 4th! And then only comes Chinese New Year~~ ohohooooo! Ang paus ang paus time...(some of you thinking isn't 'paus' is whale in malay? hahahaha!) Ended the month with bible study, Pentateuch(pen-ta-tut or pen-ta-cute), it refers to the first five books of the Bible (Genesis to Deuteronomy)

 picture took in Brotzeit, Sunway Pyramid... me had martini~ ;)

Chinese New Year... the pretty lady with me is Rachel!

March =  starting off this month with overnight prayer meeting~~ ahahahahaa, most of you must be thinking...why so holy one? ;) then we have bible study on Israel and ended this month with my beloved mum's and cousin Jing Er's birthday! :)

 Mum, Jing Er and my dad :)

Family potrait~~ this only contained my mum's side family~~ kekekee! And, it is not a complete picture~ ;) *chilliii*

April = quite a quiet month~~ hehee... some time, all of us need a BREAK! received a facebook reply and was so happy~~ wonder from who leh?? It is Mr.Jack Neo! :) heheheeeee~~~ ended this month with Membership Induction~~~ oh yay!

May = after break, work comes! As you can read my previous post regarding Armoured Camp... Here are some pictures! :)

 Went out to meet up my ex-colleague and boss :) happyyy!

 during free time, some of them played a game called saboteur~

during game session, the guys need to do the following action in the picture to enable the team to get more ping pong balls :) hahaha~~

 the committee... finally, we ended the camp well!

the participants :)

 this year we have in-house speaker and ever best pastor, my pastor...ps.Ryan! :) learnt a lot!!

last day of camp, of course can't forget to have some selfie ;p

 having some tea-time as some drivers needed a 'boost' :)

June = I had cell combined BBQ at Justin's place :) supposed to be on the first week of June but many of them can't make it, so we had it on second week of June~~ :) I watched Man of Steel with bunch of young working adults from church on 22nd~ :)

 despite not having BBQ at first week, I went to Bethany's house warming :) a cozy apartment house they have! 

Picture grabbed from Brenda's fb~~ Thank u, Brenda! :)

 Dinner at Italiannies, Curve before catching the movieee

Subang was surrounded by haze from 23rd - 26th June~~ MASK on!

end this month with the color of BLUE!! :) lovely lady with me is Li Yee :D

That's all~ take care peeps and have great day ahead! GOD bless yaaaaaa. PEACE