Saturday, December 20, 2008

My new Hairstyle

Hello bloggies!! 8 days didn't update my blog... nothing to write and no pictures... hehhee... On 16th, I went to rebond my hair!! Hahaha.. it took me 5 hours and done by Buddy Hair Saloon... hahahaa... but it came out... neat and long hair.. hahahaa... this will be my short post!!! I think I will be posting more after Christmas~~~ =)

Friday, December 12, 2008


Hello bloggies!! Here are the pictures!!! Some of them I didn't edit! Enjoy the original version =)* Sorry for the messed-up arrangement of pictures =)

On the 11th morning...

Gail on phone with her friend from France.. Posing with 100 plus!

While the guys...

Sashi trying to balance the tyre...
Nand torch-lighting something...

At Genting with babes!!

Nand and Me =)

Decoration of Christmas ,Genting...

On the 8th, PWTC...

I love this picture so so so much!!! I did it myself... Cover page is Stephy!! =) Give comment ya!

Phy and me cam-whoring...
Phy,Me and Sharon after roadshow.. =)
Me with flower...

sharlyn with wei nie's dress (clown inspiration)
stephy with anusha's dress (roses inspiration)

Wei Nie tied my hair..

After Fashion show,
Wahob and Caleb with me =)

On the 7th,
after graduation...

On the 8th,
COffee at Old Town...

On the 9th, went to Curve,Ikea,Ikano...

On the 8th Night,
Times Square

On the 7th Night, Deco in One U

SHopping alone on the 4th December...

Decoration in SUnway

Super orangii-red!

The shirt,sun-glass and ring from PDI Concept Store

**** Happy birthday to Shi Ying, Garbriel, Grace Lee. 11122008
^^^ Happy birthday to Nicole and aunty Esther!!

12 December 2008

Hello bloggies! I am so sorry. Promised to post on the 9th or 10th but failed... Hehehee.. Coz I am doing my photos edit.. =) Well, I got lots of thing to share this time.. Probably will be the LONGEST post!!

On the 6th, I went to PWTC for fashion and road show. It was super fun.. Stephy and I got to give sweets to the passers-by.. I am wearing Wei Nie's clothes design.. Hers is clown inspiration. For Stephy, she wore Anusha's dress with inspired by rose.. =) It was really fun having some working experience as well as knowing friends. But, good things don'st last long...

On the 7th, Thila, Sumetra and I went to Golden Palace Horses Hotel for our college's graduation! It sucks!! They didn't provide us FOOD!!! All of the ushers were super duper hungry and tired of standing on the stage for 3 hours! As for me,my back almost broke! So pain and tired... been standing for road show about 5 hours and graduation 5 hours...with high heels!! That's not a joke! Really kills me! I didn't enjoy this year's graduation! Oh ya, CONGRATULATIONS to DINO and NASIH!! Hahahaa.. both of them are my friends...they graduated!! At night, I went to One U with parents to shop! I got no mood to look at the clothes which are some quite attractive..Saw one pair of of black shoe from Lewre... Wanted to buy but too strecth! Then, went to Parkson and bought a red singlet Nicole... plan for CNY!! ^^

On 8th, I went to Sunway shopping with parents... As they are in KL... Hehehee.. I bought a flexible formal can wear as tube dress or pants from Eclipse.. =) After that, I went to Times Square to meet my cousin and his gf up with sis and Rif... =) Bought a bag for only RM 25 =) ... After whole day of walking and shopping... We went to Old Town Coffee at Panaroma,Kerinchi for a drink... =) Imagine, rainy day with hot coffee... =) *whoohooo*
Next day, didn't go anywhere in the morning and afternoon... rest at home!! =p ..But night, went to Ikea with aunty... and all the way back to my sweet subang home!!!!

On the 10th, my last paper for Desktop Publishing...Done!! Chris messaged me to join him and friends for a movie "Bolt".. they said it was good show!! I missed it coz went to Genting with Nand, Sashi,Gail,Phy... out of sudden we went!!! Nand's care tyre got problem.. then a motorcyclist came for a help and repair... He made the situation worsen.. but,when we went up hill to Genting.. there was nothing... When coming down, weird sounds began.. *krok krok*... then Nand drove 40km/j... We managed to send Phy home! Thank God!! When heading to my house... the sound worsen!! We drove slowly... slow..slow...slow... Reached my house!! Then Nand and Sashi changed the tyre... from 245am-630am... Hahaaa! You must be thinking all of us like freak,yea?!!?!!... Then Gail and I went to dreamworld while Nand and Sashi went for a drink!

Next day 11th, they went back to JB at 1145am.. I cleaned the sofa.. wash everything that are needed to be wash... Ironed some clothes... Priscilla messaged me about worship schedule.. then she wanted to go shopping.. I said I can accompany her... So, we went about 3pm... I bought a pair of my dreamed heels and white belt!!! =) I am super happy today!!! Hahahaa.. After that, we went for choir practice!!

On the 12th, which is now...229am...blogging and editing photos.. and uploading pictures =p

Pictures will be show on next post!!! Enjoy them ya!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

9 December 2008 230pm-241pm

Hi bloggies!! Currently I am using my cousin's laptop to blog now.. Watching Harry Potter the first chapter. I got nothing to do, that's why write something to post.. Actually, I have lots of picture to share... Just that I haven't finish editing and I am not at home. All the pictures are in my laptop =) . Well, Don Nand called me yesterday whether I am going to to his party. But, too bad, my answer is no.... Hehhehee... no time though. (* Sorry babe, couldn't make it) I think I will blog again tonight.. If not, tomorrow... =) See ya then!!!
this is my cousin... I am at her house now =)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

300pm - 410pm

Hello bloggies!! It's time for me to update my blog~~ Hehehee... Well, I am having final exams now. You must be thinking how freak am I manage to update blog while having finals yea? My exam is 1Dec and 10Dec!! 9 days difference! And the 10Dec paper is Dekstop Publishing.. It's about designing. So no need to read =p .. Yesterday paper was good! Praise GOD for everything!! I planned to update my blog this early morning about 2am but eyes are closing.. Hehehee.. Since I got nothing to do now, I update my blog!
On the 15Nov, my er ke and er sao came back for Vincent's wedding. That day, I happened to read my friend's blog ( His dream car was Toyota Caldina.. Hahaha.. So, my brother was back that time.. I took a few pics of my bro's car to show shengyi =) I also took a few pics of dad's car, Honda Accord and my Muar's house.. Hehehe.. Home always the best place to stay =D
On the 26th November 2008, Anastasya Delaluna Witjaksono was born! She is Masoni andmak tiri's babygirl!! Congratulations!! =D After visiting them at hospital, I go to mak tiri's house for a visit. Her new house! This house is bigger than the last one... A little of photoshoot of her home and me against her nice wallpaper!! =) Arief kor, got forced by me to wear the flower girl head-band!! Tante(mama's mum) was there too! She said I am "Hitam Manis" means dark and sweet! Hahahaa... *flying*.. Arief kor shock sendiri said himself Hitam Manis too... hahaha...That's why he wore the head-band! Hahaha...
Last Sunday 30Nov, after service... I went and look for baby Sarah ( aunt molly's grandaughter )... she was sleeping!! So cute! When she woke up, not even a tears came out! Hahaha.. Brenda bought a Madagascar lion head-band for her to wear!! Hehehee... Below are the pictures!! Enjoy!! Going to cook in 2 hours time! =)

Toyota Caldina~
~Honda Accord

My Muar's home =)The front
The garden
Outview of my room
Over 40 years chair

Anastasya Delaluna Witjaksono

the sofa
the kitchen
the living room

Little photoshoot of the wallpaper...

Arief kor playing phone =)
Mr.Hitam Manis... Hahhaa..
Angelic Look =p *feel holy*

Baby Sarah =)

When she was sleeping =_=