Friday, September 11, 2009

Harvest Generation 3rd Birthday Celebration

Hi bloggies~~!! How are you guys doing?? Being busy these few weeks...hehehee...Ytd morning on the way to work got bang by motorcycle while coming down from the bus. Were hurt both leg...Left knee kena and Right foot bengkak!! Thank GOD it is just a little..hehehee..the pain is here. Oh yea, y church just celebrated 3rd Anniversary!! Many people came...and the dance team performed!! They performed the song "Together Again" by Janet Jackson. =) Well done...Raf,Manda,Dyna,Brenda,Tsyr! U guys did a great job =) After service, all of us fellowship together and most of us taking pictures...=) Folks, enjoy the pics~~~ GOD bless u =D

Lisa Vs LV..=)

Joshua Chong and Lisa Khoo

Ern Suey and Lisa

Josh Ng and Me

Muarians= Me, Anna, Lisa and Caroline

Me and Anna

Me and Adrienne

Audrey and me

Buddies for Life = Chris and Bro

Kor and Future Ta Sao =)

Luv this Pic....Audrey and Michelle

Malaysian's Next Top Model? =)

Sexy pose by me,Audrey and Lisa

Ah Sa with make up and me...=)

Kwong Yew a.k.a Sexy Doctor and me

Kevin a.k.a future dentist with Audrey a.k.a Lawyer

....Wuuuuuuu LaLa....

Me with Chris T a.k.a Hitam Cina =)

....Sisters for Life....

Monday, August 31, 2009

My short Hairstyle

Bloggies~~ 5 months!! I haven't come back to my little sweet hometown, Muar for 5 months~~!! I miss the food, the wind, and most importantly family members around me~!!~ So happy to see my daddy...!!! My mum came back with me too! FYI, my dad and mum couldn't sleep on the 1st day when my mum came back~!! Over excited!! hahahhaaa...Well, my mum didn't come back to Muar for almost 5 months too!!

I have changed my hairstyle... and, I love it~!! Perhaps, it might took me a little while to think whether should I cut my hair or not... from long to short~~ Not everyone dare to cut it!(for those who had long hair)~ Keeping long hair needs patience...and need to spend money for those bottles which protect your hair...shampoo,conditioner,hair mask and then hair serum..~~ I wanna to keep my long hair till my bro's wedding...but, the down part of the hair began to spilt caused by hair dying and straightening... hehehhee... So, I cut it!! I will keep my hair long for my bro's wedding!! this shall be the first and last time i cut this hairstyle...HmmmMmm...

On the day I cut my hair, my mum went too to cut and colored her hair...hhehee!!~~ I really want to thank everyone of you who had prayed for my mum...she is getting better each day!! I am happy! She shared her testimony in church today by singing "To GOD be the glory"! It might sounds oldies but the meaning of the song is so strong!!~ Few of them cried...I cried too~~~ Without GOD, my mum won't be in here today!!

Enjoy the pics~!!

---- My Long Hair ----

On the 280809, a short hair style...

Can you image?

From the back~!

my aunt and mum.

mum and dad =)

OB night 300709

Hi bloggies~~! happy Merdeka!!! =) Satu Malaysia~!! hehehee... I'be not update my blog for one month pklus edy due to my exam~!!~~ hehehee... Sorry for the delay of my OB Nite pictures that I've promised to post them out on the beginning of Aug. But, it is only a few pics coz there are nothing much to be take... well, enjoy them! I shall update a new post!

Me and Sab =)

Amji and Slyn

Me and Rynn

Michelle and me

my bestie, Winnie and me =)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pastor Frankie Khoo

Hi bloggies! It has been a long time I didn't update my blog...=) Well, yesterday after work I went to church and we are supposed to have prayer meeting... But, it changed to a service. Pastor Frankie Khoo, uncle of Nick Chan...=) is a great prophet!! Whatever he preach yesterday was so true...and it teaches me lots of thing... I like this phrase: " Seek the OPPORTUNITIES in DIFFICULTIES!"... it makes me think about my work...well, sometime I faced difficulties and I complained. I didn't look for the opportunity when I am in difficulties. I just realize that never ever once I seek the opportunity when I am in difficulties...instead, I complained!! GOD, forgive me please...thank you Jesus! And pastor Frankie mentioned that the darker place it is, the light will shine more brighter! I believe that!! In times now, economic are not going through a good time...people will come to church and ask GOD for favour... this teach me one lesson too, whether in good or bad times, GOD is always there for's just that we are the one who put GOD aside when we are in good times...never think of Him, forget to give thanks... When we are in bad times, we seek GOD sooooo "faithfully"..asking His help. GOD is a good GOD, He will never leave us nor forsake us.. He helped us too!! My brother teached me something, when we are in bad times...praise GOD!! It was hard for me when I heard this for 1st time, thinking that is he insane? But this is a true facts, he told me a story of a man and his family... his daughter just born and her heart and liver was misplace... The doctor told him to get prepared...only 1% left to survive~~ this man chose to praise GOD!! For me, it was a great challenge..don't you think so??!!?? The daughter was saved! As pastor Frankie was praying for me, he said: the glory of GOD is all over this woman..." that is what Chris heard... hehehheee..thanks,Chris!! =p... Today my boss's brother came and take a look at our college..walking around...checking here and there... =) I was busying with my own faxing.... from morning till noon! Finally!! hehehehe... Sorry folks, nowadays doesn't took many pictures... OB Night is next friday!~~ I promise to take lots of be3autiful pic, k?? =) Take care!~~~ GOD bless and love you~!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Words =)

Hello bloggies~~ Time flies...this is the month of July!! WOw!! It is a good time to SHOP!! Mega Sales are now everywhere... For me, it is a good thing where I can shop lots of thing...=) But, at the same time I need to save my income =) Not to overspend to the things that is unesssary..Sounds so serious yea?? I went to Sunway last monday to seek for some mask for my eyes and face... went there after my work =p ...Semangat betul!! ehehheee... I never thought of buying clothes but when I stepped into Nichii, saw there was 50% - 70% ...I've found a tube is only RM34!! Well, I bought it~~ and bought 2 spagettis... =p I was happy what I've found and thank GOD for what He's has provided me =) Last Thursday, my GMM came to my branch, I was so so happy to see him cause he helped me a lot~~~ useless man afraid of him =p I knew I was not to complain toomuch...heheheee! Yesterday, ah liang came back to KL around 3am...he was exhausted!! Too rajin edy..heheheh he came with ah fong to work...What else can I say?? I am HAPPY...really HAPPY...we talked and joked around... Guys are always guys...they talked until half way and suddenly stop, looked at me and told me:" Sharlyn, we are are not supposed to hear what are we talking..." I just don't bothered them =p ....hahhahaa... Then ah liang asked me to help him to seprate his expenses... Well, I done it! Something which he told me I can't taip out..Sorry ya!~~ ahhahahaaa.... I am quite bored now though...not supposed to blog because no mood...but, since I got nothing to do... I decided to blog looooo....=p I will pose some pictures when I have the mood ya, folks?? In this month, I want to become more mature in GOD's word and His spirit...move out mycomfort zone...Love the ppl who are around me...treasure them!! Love you guys....bye bye!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I cried

I cried! You must be asking... Why you cry? What makes you cry? Who caused you to cry? It is because of love matters? Family matters? The answer is a big NO NO NO!!! It is about work matter...I can't stand those who instruct/ order/ warn me not to do the things that I think I need to do!! If you want to instruct me, please look at oneself first... Don't try to act clever as if you are the perfectionist!! Knows everything when you sit the position... Like a boss! When you are down, you are still normal working people...When you are up, you still remain the SAME!! I don't feel like you are more cleverer...more organizing... you've caused the team to lose their work~!! It is all because of you....the team is not working properly!! And being pilih hati to your friend who you brought in... You still need our help to remain your position. Don't overdo it! I know you are still learning....just be humble and friendly...Do that requires you a lot of energy and afford?? I don't think so...if you are humble and friendly, I can guarantee our team can hit the most numbers!! Just because of you ego-ness, you have loose all the potential team members. Remember, you are still an Acting MC... whether you position will remain for you it is not all about your afford and how much you have sacrifice. It is partly judged by your team workers!! A team without unity, will that works? Think about it... Don't try to be on the safe side always... Admit your fault when you've done something wrong...apologize... Is that very hard for you to do it?? It seems it is hard for you to apology to your under worker... Everyone done mistake. I did done mistake and I admit, and I have learn something from my mistakes. Take people's advice...Nobody will give a bad advice...

For the one who sacrificed and scolded by me innnocently, I appreciated it a lot!! I really want to thank you...=) I know isn't your fault... But you still let me burst everything out...I feel better!! but the pusing already let my blood raised and burst out!! I know I have to be patience...So, PATIENCE is NEEDED for High Blood People!! It is an advice for you and me =)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Founder's Day 200609

Hello bloggies!! I am quite free now ...=) Completed my job and task~~! x) I went for Founder's Day last saturday...Oh yea, it was my babyfoo's birthday!! Kesian her actually...celebrating her birthday at camping....=/ ... Lynn and I never meet each other for superb long time..Both of us were busy with our own stuff~~ Back to morning till afternoon, I went for Roadshow...=) It was only satisfying...not much prospect... All the way to 6pm, I followed Su to our Founder's Day at Kklub Taman Melawati =) We ate, danced and drank... But I only drank coke, sprite and skyjuice. I dare not touch the alcohol, it is just because to secure myself and don't felt like drinking~~ Hehehee...maybe toooo tired of the roadshow. We danced to the max...whatever steps, as long as we followed the music... with bunch of friends...that's more than enough~!! =) Bro came and pick me up around 1am...=) Bathed and slept.... Well folks, enjoy the pictures~!! xD

Caleb and me

Amjath,Janet and me

Kai Li, Caleb, me, Amjath

GMM Su and me

me and Phyu phyu

me and pretty Sabrina =)

busyman Vs busylady

Friday, June 19, 2009

A post...that thanks to everyone who prayed for my mum

Mushi-mushi!! What's up,man and ladies? I am pretty busy and good =) I want to thank the Lord for His guidance upon my mum last week...=) For those who didn't know about my mum, she was having fever last Tuesday..and she shivered... I received a msg from my sis in the morning and was about to bath and go for work...but, something stops my heart and told me that I should go and see my mum...Called ber kor to pick me up when she's on the way back to kk after sending the kids off...mum was fine the whole day..=) But till night, the fever comes and she shivered. We sent her to UH emergency to let the doctor check up...we reached there about 1115pm..waiting for my mum's name to be called...dik dat dik dat dik dat.... it is 1245am...and it wasn't my mum's turn!! My tua kor went and check it out..she saw mum's name and a nurse actually wanna to change her usual, 1st come 1st mum's name was in the front and the nurse was planning to change the position...tua kor saw it and she asked the nurse for a reason why she want to change...the nurse simply give a reason and tua kor told the nurse that my mum was hospitalized for virus infection and back home abt 1 month ago...thank GOD a doctor came by and ask my mum to go in...the doc took her blood, urine for a test...we finished up at 2am!!! and we need to go back and collect the results at 5am~~!! We pitied my mum for sitting and waiting for so long..we brought her back to rest... around 430am, my mum shivered again!! We brought her immediately to hospital and this time she vomitted... one of the reason is, the doctor doesn't know the right way or she is too nervous to take the blood~ that caused my mum pain and mum was admitted at observation wad... doc gave her a vomitting jap and drip... my mum felt so sorry to us and keep apologizing... well,'s our responsibility to take care of you..we told her that...=) She was discharge at 930am... and Home Sweet Home!!! My bro, sis and I were exhausted~~!! Bro and I took leave... and rest!! Mum too rest after that...To all the ppl who had prayed for my mum, I want to THANK all of you~!! Without your prayers, I wouldn't know what will happen to my mum...=)

Well, I have pictures to share!!! heheheheee... it's all about my new contact hazel lens. And, 2 pics of dance's practices...=) Enjoy, folks!!~~ Take care!

took pic with Sa during dance practice!! Looks like we are in clubbing! =p

dance!! TOgether again~!

Last Saturday, after my work...went to Sunway Lagoon with church friends!! It was a great and tiring day~~ We had Carl's Junior for our dinner~!! Yummy x)
tired look!!

Contact lens' Story begins...
For me, it looks emo..yet cool~~


Sexy?? and Smile??

My artwork on my nailss...=)

Love these...~~