Thursday, December 20, 2012

=) Update, Farewell, TangYuan, Christmas

Helllllooooo everyone! =) How is preparation for Christmas? Bought gifts for people around you? As for me, I've bought way earlier... =D

Today is 20 December 2012... rumors spreading around that 21 December 2012 is going to be the Last Day of our lives. What preparation have you make for the last day of your life? As for me, I trust in the LORD...that when He comes, every knee shall bow down to Him. Are you afraid? Want to be with your family before your life ends?

21 December 2012, according to Chinese Calendar... is Winter Solstice Festival. Have no idea about it? Check it out from Wiki...hehehee~ ~ In this festival, most people will cook a dessert called 'Tang Yuan'. Like this festival! It is quite easy to cook it. Some people even stuff peanut, red bean pantries inside the dough. Those who lazy to cook, shopping nowadays sell the 'ready made' tangyuan.. you will just need to cook the ginger water and pour everything inside... but, honestly...not so nice! =S Anyway, I found a link which have the Tangyuan Recipe.. =)

My church is having a Christmas Project called "Christmas-in-a-bag"... it is a project where we give what we can afford for those who are less fortunate than us.. =) we buy bags, stationery, some tit-bits for orphanage.. =) On the 18th December, the students are having little 'christmas-in-a-bag'... we went to a home which contained 19 students =) the kids are so adorable and yet disciplined! We chit-chat and played a lot of games..such as, 'blow wind blow' 'boom aiya'.. =) 

Still have 5 days before Christmas..for those who are travelling back, have a safe journey! Those who haven't buy gifts, faster go and get!

Enjoy some pics!

14th December, went out with some friends for Hobbit! My rate for this show is 3.5 out of 5 =D Quite nice!

15th December, we went IKEA to get cups for our church..and, mistakenly we parked at Curve~~ So, the guys have to carry the cups from IKEA to Curve.. really 'thanks' to one of our friends who suggested to park at Curve... hehehee~

 Josh looked so tired... hahaha~ Andrew trying to be man....haih?

16th December, we went to Sunway Pyramid for Alvin & Aldrinn's farewell... the one who stand beside me red shirt with words of 'No Thanks' and the white shirt guy... =) they are flying off to Germany~ Farewell, both of you! Shine for GOD in Germany!! =)

As mentioned earlier, my church having project.. there it is:- 

Top:- Separate the boys and girls' well as for primary & secondary~ =)
Below:- Went to the student's project.. you may see the kids! Picture credits to SJ!
 21st December, let's cook TangYuan!! =) picture taken from google... =)

For me, I am ready for Christmas!! This is just little beginning! =D hehehee...did my own toe..going for manicure tomorrow with cousin! =)

Merry Christmas, Everyone!! GOD bless you!