Friday, September 11, 2009

Harvest Generation 3rd Birthday Celebration

Hi bloggies~~!! How are you guys doing?? Being busy these few weeks...hehehee...Ytd morning on the way to work got bang by motorcycle while coming down from the bus. Were hurt both leg...Left knee kena and Right foot bengkak!! Thank GOD it is just a little..hehehee..the pain is here. Oh yea, y church just celebrated 3rd Anniversary!! Many people came...and the dance team performed!! They performed the song "Together Again" by Janet Jackson. =) Well done...Raf,Manda,Dyna,Brenda,Tsyr! U guys did a great job =) After service, all of us fellowship together and most of us taking pictures...=) Folks, enjoy the pics~~~ GOD bless u =D

Lisa Vs LV..=)

Joshua Chong and Lisa Khoo

Ern Suey and Lisa

Josh Ng and Me

Muarians= Me, Anna, Lisa and Caroline

Me and Anna

Me and Adrienne

Audrey and me

Buddies for Life = Chris and Bro

Kor and Future Ta Sao =)

Luv this Pic....Audrey and Michelle

Malaysian's Next Top Model? =)

Sexy pose by me,Audrey and Lisa

Ah Sa with make up and me...=)

Kwong Yew a.k.a Sexy Doctor and me

Kevin a.k.a future dentist with Audrey a.k.a Lawyer

....Wuuuuuuu LaLa....

Me with Chris T a.k.a Hitam Cina =)

....Sisters for Life....