Monday, November 24, 2008

241108 3:12am (Kem Pelangi 2008~ 17-20/11/08)

Hello bloggies! I am back to blog again! I am having a big bun face now.. Hahaha... coz allergic to the pain killer I took yesterday.. This morning went to church, everyone straight away asked me.. "What happen to you?" hahaha... One of the uncle said I am too naughty got a box from my dad... lolx! Noon, I went to my uncle's shop and look for clothes.. I found what I want and I bought 2 singlet, one pink and black with yellow flower =) Oh ya, on Saturday I went to Jusco in Malaca with parents.. and saw a pair of shoe~~ Luv the design but too bad no black color edy =(.. Hahaha... Forget it~~! About 10pm, Ching,Zhan and I went to Witchery Ider for a drink.. then we sembang..sembang...Esther called Ching and ask where is he.. He told her that he is with us.. So, Esther and Leroy came... =).. When they stepped in, Leroy was like.. " Sharlyn, you changed edy.." Esther, Zhan, Ching and I laughed.. Leroy was so blur...He said " I just saw you one month before leh...You become fatter." Hahaha.. I told him that my face swollen! Hehehe.. Esther laughed! Then we talked about until 1210..Dad called me for it is time to go home.. Hehee.. Ching treated all of us.. Thank you Ching!! Leroy fetched me home coz his house is nearer to my house compared to Ching's house.. =) Well, on the 14th I went back to my sweeeeet home!! Dad came and fetch me at home(KL)... Then all the way towards Muar... Yipppee! Hahaha.. Mum cooked my favourite porridge, Taugua porridge! Yummy! On the 17-20th, I went for Kem Pelangi and be an assistant facilitator for my mum.. Kem Pelangi is a camp for youth! So, if you want to are WELCOME! Just email me at .. Usually, the camp will held around the month of November after PMR... =D.. The camp site was at Gunung Lambak, Kluang. We had 92 campers. Everything went well.. Praise GOD! My group is Faithfulness! Hahaha.. and we won the 1st prize for drama.. that means our acting and stories not bad...=p All these were by the grace of God...without Him, everything is in vain... Daddy and mum going to Bali for vacation in 2 hours more... MISS them!!!

Below are the pictures for Kem Pelangi.. enjoy them!

Luv this cute boy,Samuel

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This post is specially make for my Beloved dear BROTHER!! Story about him...He is my 2nd brother, a hip-hop dancer... He is handsome, good, loving, kind of naughty when he was young.. Hahaha! I always bully him by manja-ing with him... Hahaha! What to do? I am the youngest one =p Overall, I love Him!!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Blessed birhtday to er ke!
May the good GOD bless you!!

this is him modelling for wedding photo =)

while he is resting after dance..

In Korea..

We actually celebrated his and dad's birthday( dad's bd is on 13th) on the 9th at TGIF, coz bro is going to Beijing on his birthday.. Hehehe..


Father and Son.. =)
family potrait!

my cousin, Jacelyn with my niece, Phylicia

the girls..

beloved niece!!

me and er ke! People thought he is my boyfriend?!

before heading to TGIF...

sis with Phylicia

me with Phylicia

Daddy with Phylicia

on my bed.. behind is my sis-in-law

Mum with Phylicia

After TGIF, we went to Blook...

with my camwhore cousin,Jace!

ENjoy them all!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Good evening bloggies! Here I am to blog again! Hehehe... This morning went to church. It was a GREAT time!! I am here to share about yesterday..081108.. I went for Dim Sum with my cell group members at 730am! Hehehe...Later about 9am I went for practice =)... After that, came back home to rest and dry the clothes up under the hot sun.. I napped for 1 hour. Later, I dressed up myself and straight to college to have a drink with my ling, Joe and Mervyn. Mervyn and I waited for Hanesh to pick us up to Sunway!! Well, guess what? Go sunway shopping? No... Go there lepak? No... Hahha! We went there for clubbing! Hehehe.. Annand is the behind scene person of this clubbing. He planned to celebrate his birthday at MOS Euphoria.. =) He called up Dengzompa and Heartlezz! Well, my first time to club man!! Hahaha.. MOS was a high class club. NON-SMOKING club...I enjoyed myself with the gangs. And, I actually met up with Lawrence AKA Smokey Lolly and Shashi. . Both of them are Nand's fren! We chat in MSN many times but didn't see each other before.. Yesterday was the day!! hahaha.. Thanks to my dear besties, Nand! Some advice for girls= if you go clubbing, go with someone whom you Trust!! I have lots of pic to share... Enjoy!

Maz and Me

Inside MOS

the Drink

Lolly: I wanna to kiss you,Nand!
Slyn: NO!! Lolly,control yourself babe!!
Annand: OMG!!

Maz, Me, Hanesh

Group Photos~

Nand and me(top)
Hanesh and me( bottom)

Let us dance!!!

Lawrence and me (top)
Shashi and me(bottom)

Design of the Ladies Washroom

It is time to drink!!
Boobs and Mervyn

Photo session~~~

Maz and Boobs

Maz and Me

Maz and Hanesh
Me and Mervyn

Lolly and Shashi feeding Annand to drink!

Before we dance and drink =)

The Best Smile!! =)

By the way, SWEET 19th BIRTHDAY to my SWEET bff, Maz Barbie...=D Luv you!!!