Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the 14th day...


I got nothing to do now. Please help me. I’m so boring. Feel like writing a story about time and friendship. Hei, sometime I am too bored to stay at home. Now I am in my college for some MOT. But when I reach here and ask for a job, I got nothing much to do… my friends, Stephy, Sumeetra,Thila and I are now wasting our time in the lab. You can’t blame us for wasting our “ precious” time here. We got nothing to do!!!! Sumeetra is viewing her friendster with Thila while Stephy is trying to open website. And me, typing non-sense thing to kill my time. Well, I was thinking something. Is it right for us to punch the working card and do nothing? I don’t know, I think is wrong but we have no choice. Thila was asking my help for her slide show. Her power point has been corrupted. Pity her, she has to do again. Now we are playing friendster, testing our love towards each other.. friend’s love k? Rachel is doing her assignment. She sat beside me. She is typing and thinking. Thila going to be crazy. She is testing the love between her and mohan. Hahahaha…freak!! Thila is teasing Sumetraa with Kartik and she tells a guy about them. Sumetraa was blushing. Haha, Kartik Kartik… Sumetraa’s lover. Step and Thila just went out, now left me and Sumetraa. Sumetraa just tell me that she doesn’t like Kartik anymore because of his character. Well, I don’t know much thing about them and I don’t want to know! Now I’m thinking to post this boring story to my blog..hehe.. since I got nothing to do. By the way, I am trying to type faster and using the right finger to type. Yeah, anybody can give me a word of encouragement? Hhahaha..feeling so professional now. Ahhahaha.. just kidding. This type writing will help me in the future. And for your information, I’m studying secretary course in Olympia Petaling Jaya. Thila and Stephy just came back, they went to Giant and buy things. Thila bought a jellydrink and a bread. Stephy bought a bread and she’s eating it. Rachel is advising Thila and Stephy not to eat in the lab. She scares both of them get scold by Mr.Javaid. hahaha… About Javaid, I sat the same bus with him this morning… I met him at federal bus stop. I feel like drinking the peach favor jellydrink!! Thila, you have set me in a trap!! Hahaha, just kidding!! Sumetraa is doing her powerpoint and Stephy is helping her out. I think Step got a cold. She keeps snizzing. Hahaha…”ahhhem”..sound effect!! Hahaha.. I just help Thila to find images of flower. Thila was eating the bread and got caught by Mr.Javaid. Mr.Javaid is a computer lab “bodyguard”..some sort like this. So long never meet Soya already since the fashion show. I want to go out for a while. Back!! I was planning to buy a drink but didn’t. Actually I wanted to find Anggerik and ask her where is my mak tiri(step-mom), Citra. I miss her.. hehehe.. She went back to Indonesia before Hari Raya and back to Malaysia on the 18th! Well, I suppose I can meet her. Hahahha… Thila was doing her powerpoint and Sumetraa finding poem for her powerpoint about my ideal boss. Anyone can write a poem?? Yeah,we found it!! It’s by Marvin Brato entitled “the Boss”. Thila was trying hard to find here flower…I just went out and talk to Janathan and Mr.Conrad. hehehe.. I think I better stop here. I’m writing lots of non-sense thing!! Ciaozzz..

Saturday, October 6, 2007

the 13th.,,,

hi bloggies.. i am so lazy to post new things... if u want to see photos.. go to my friendster or facebook... that will b the latest update things.. enjoy!!