Friday, August 22, 2008

22 August 2008

hello bloggies! So long didn't update my blog... Sorry! Hehehe...pardon me! In this post, I got lots of pictures to share... I am back in Muar for study break!! Yeah!! Hahahaha... I went to my cousin's place to visit my niece, Yoshe and nephew, Nicholas =D Yoshe went back with her parents to JB. I heard from my cousin said that she is unhappy... Haih... What to do?! She stayed Muar almost 2 years and suddenly brought her back to JB. She needs time to adjust her living enviroment! About Nicholas, he is so so cute! Smile all the time! =D... On the 18th Aug, we had farewell party with Zhu coz she is going back to her country,China on the month of September =( ... Feel sad lah~! Melissa,Stephy,Sumetra,Thila,Vivian and me celebrated with Zhu at Sunway's Yuen Buffet Steambot!! Hahaha.. While we were paying our bills, the boss give us discount bcos we are student! Hahahaha... Cool yea? We love you, Zhu!! And today, 22 Aug 2008 about 1030am... I went to saloon and dye my hair!! Weee!! Previous hair color edi faded and next saturday is Pastor's wedding! So, I need to dye!! My hair's colour just like reddish brown.. Hees! I love it! This time I didn't high light my hair cos scare it spoil my hair! I started to LUV my hair!! Hahaha.. Sorry bloggies, I'm little bit "shock" sendiri and on cloud 9!

Here are the pics... Enjoy them!

My new hair color... red!! =D Yeah!
I love this pic! Looks like took by pro yea?

That is my old hair color..

FAREWELL with Zhu!! Friendship Forever ya!!

farewell kiss from me and stephy!

This is my naughty,adorable and cute niece, Yoshe!

This is my cute nephew, Nicholas!! Muacks...i love u!
The way I carry him too comfortable i think!! Until he yorn!! Hahaha..


Hahaha.. Cute right??

That's all I want to share!! =p....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

050808 - Taylor's College Dancing Competition

Dance Arena

Click to enlarge.

This is what you need to know about the Dance Club's latest project - The Open Dance Arena.

It's going to be on Friday, the 15th of August from 6.30pm until... late.

It's going to be in the car park of the Taylor's Subang Jaya Main Campus.

It's going to be pretty damn awesome.

Also... It's going an ALCOHOL-FREE, DRUG-FREE and NON-SMOKING event (and yes we are super serious about this).

The exact amount up for grabs is yet to be confirmed - we're getting new sponsors every day and so our cash cow keeps growing - but right now we can promise you a total of cold, hard cash - at least RM3,500.

Participants, you are encouraged to bring your entourage along - tickets cost RM15 (pre-event) each or RM20 (door sales) and sales can be arranged through email. Just send an email to the with the subject header Dance Arena Tix telling us how many tickets you would like and which college you're from.

You can also purchase them directly from our ECA Center - located opposite the Taylor's Main Campus in Subang Jaya.

Just a few of the rules and regulations:
  • Participant age limit: 16-23 years
  • Performance time limit: 7 minutes
  • Registration fee: RM70 for a group performance and RM30 for a solo performance (go ahead, we dare you)
  • We the committee reserve the right to make changes to any of the rules and regulations without prior notice.
  • We the committee reserve the right to disqualify participants and bar audience members at any time if we found anyone breaking the rules and regulations of the event.
  • We the committee are not responsible for anything - unless you have a really awesome time, then yeah, we will be responsible for that.
  • Do note that you can mix crew members from different colleges/high schools (you don't even have to be in a college, as long as you fall within the age group). We don't care about stuff like that. Just come strut your stuffs!

As for your registration form, well, initially we were going to create an actual form which you could download and print. But since we want you to email it in anyway, where's the sense in that?

Hence, this is your registration form.

Compose an email with the following details:

  1. Name of crew
  2. FULL NAMES of crew members and IC numbers
  3. Contactable email address and handphone number.
  4. Name of campus (if representing college).
  5. Additional notes about your performance and sound/lighting
    requirements (optional).
  6. Information about your entourage, inclusive of but not limited
    to: sound/lighting engineers, roadies, groupies etc (optional).

We are only half kidding with that last one.

This form is to emailed to with the subject header Dance Arena Registration. You can also include any requests for tickets in this email.


Participants will be required to be present at the Taylor's Main Campus on either the 6th, 7th or 8th of August for drawing of slots as well as rehearsals so that we can meet your requirements to the best of our ability. You should also bring the registration fee along then. We will tell you more by the end of the week, or in our emails to you.

Hmm. I think that should be everything, but in case you have any further questions, feel free to pester the committee:
  • Jason (017 - 386 9378),
  • Michelle (017 - 260 9180) or
  • Shevie (012 - 292 3960)
Day and night for all your Dance Arena needs. Or just to chat. If you really want someone to chat with. Or, you could just email us at (again)

We look forward to seeing you on the 15th of August!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Hello bloggies! It has been 2 weeks didn't update my blog! I was in Redang and I got not much thing to share cos i got not many pics... I will update my blog once i got new pics! Hehhee... i love to share pics with people! I went to Pulau Redang last sunday until tuesday! I stay at Pelangi resort! It is quite small but I like it!! The food were Good! =) It was fun! I was tanned and my shoulder got burned! Hahahaha... I saw the other side of people who lived with the ocean... the life of ocean... beautiful fishes.. How great and colourful our God created them! Well people, ENJOY the pics!!

we are waiting to go back to kl at terengganu airport =)

me and terng cool post! Do we look like model? Hehe..

Don't always give cool pose la... come on, SMILE!!! =D

me enjoying the scenery..grayscale v!

with the beautiful water...

3 lonesome cousins! Hees...

sunny sun!!


lalala..Lang hua yi duo duo!

sharlyn and lulu.. love this pic!

my family!!

lovely daddy and mama!!!


Let's jump to express our excitement!!

night, cousins and bro singing karaoke.. =p

ying and me posing =)

before sunrise!! 630am...

me with sunrising!

love the sunrise!

we just reached terengganu airport!

on the way to Redang!! Yeah!