Thursday, February 14, 2013


HALO Bloggies! Haven't been updating my blog for almost 2 months! 

This year is quite a special year for me as it is my chinese zodiac's year! SNAKE! hahahahaa... well, some people said/told me that I shouldn't layan all these things...but but, don't be so holy lah... I am still a Chinese *ahhemmmm, I know I don't look like Chinese~~ =p*

4th Feb, parents came up to KL to celebrate birthday for me *winks* ...we went to Brotzeit, Sunway Pyramid. Whenever spending time with family, it is always the BEST time! Some of you might disagree with me...hehehehe~~ I don't care! 

14th Feb, what are you guys coming up with Valentine's Day? Bring your love one to jalan-jalan? Surprise love one with ring/flower? Singles walk around admiring couples holding & crossing fingers? Singles partying up with singles? All I can say is, doesn't matter what are you it right! To build a family is never easy, it is not like "i like you you like me we sleep together get baby and happy ending". There are lotsa foundation to be build =) You might say that what I am talking now is veli the easy...but, I have seen, listened and observed. Everyone of us here need GOD! He is Only ONE that knows what is in our thoughts~ do not belittled God.

Since I got nothing much to do, I've watched Freaky Friday~~! It was so good...Linsay Lohan, you the! 

9th - 17th Feb, CNY.... =) Have anyone of you did 'lou sang'? Oh well, I did! =) I too, watched a Singapore movie called "Ah Boys To Men" with relatives! A good show! 

Some pictures to share:-

Took this picture after taking was un-planned but I got to take a pic to post up fb to wish everyone "gong xi fa cai"~~ xp

Pictures took from Google... THANK U, google! =) 


Chad Michael rock! <3 font="">

Ah Boys To Men... =) good movie from Singapore, you did a good job...Mr.Jack Neo! =) watch it, peeps! Those who don't  know any hokkien, you must ask a friend who knows hokkien to watch with you yaa~~
Rating:- 7/10, cause I can't wait to watch the 2nd movie... =)

"Taxi Taxi" by Singapore plus Malaysian actresses....a MUST watch if you know hokkien... x) 
Rating:- 7.5/10, if you don't know won't like it. But, the lil kid can really act! Give a try!

4th Feb, picture with family at Brotzeit