Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MAY - eventful 2013

Greetings to the month of May!

When month of May is approaching, it is somehow sounded like a FLOWER month~ or should I say Blooming month? May I know what kind of flowers that you guys like or fond of? Roses? Orchids? Lilies? Well, I like Tulips! I know it is hard to plant and to maintain Tulips in Malaysia because they need cold temperature... On 1st May in Malaysia is a Labour Day which is a public holiday for those working people. I got my day off and spent it fruitfully - if you are showered under God's word, what more can I say? 

As many of you also know that on the 5th May is the darkest day in the history of Malaysia... all the counts, votes just went missing? Many people are so disappointed with the government. News on election has not been taken down till date~ Even for the newspaper... These few days wanna to buy newspaper, but the moment I saw the headlines~~ it is like nah, it is okay~ Internet nowadays or facebook are even faster in updating latest information~ The only thing I can do is to continue to pray! :)

Dear Jesus the Messiah, may You continue to watch over Malaysia! :)

On the 12th May, it is MOTHER's Day!! Have you wish your mum Happy Mother's Day? Oh well, I haven't cause I can't reach her... cause she's in Taipei, Taiwan with my dad to visit my super strong 90-year- old granduncle~ :) my phone no roaming, so...can't call~~ Dad not so tech-gy person too! 

Dear Mama, Happy Mother's Day~~!! Thank you so much for all your giving and sacrifice upon our family~ from the youngest to the oldest, you never cease to take your eyes off on us :) may the Lord continue to protect you and strengthen you! :) Love you, mama! 

9 days to A M O U R E D camp! It is a camp organized by my church... Why do we named the theme as Armoured? You may read from this Ephesians 6:10-20 

Some pictures are from google, facebook ~ :)