Sunday, March 30, 2008

30 March 2008

Hello bloggies! How are you? First of all, I want to wish my mum BLESSED 55th BIRTHDAY!! Today is her birthday!! She and dad coming up to kl in next few hour.. hahaha... cos all their children are here!! What to do?! And not forgetting my beloved DIDI O, Blessed 14th Birthday ya!! Didi O is one of my cousin! And his birthday is same as my mum!! He used to stay my house when he was young, my mum babysat him! He is a adorable kid!!! I love him!! But now, because of some family matters..we seldom meet up already! I hope to see him SMILE again!! He looked so doom when I saw him on CNY celebration! Well, I left 4 days to prepare my SECRETARIES NIGHT which on the 4th April!! I hope everyone will help each matter senior or junior!! We are still "secretaries" student, so we are the SAME! Is just that some of us join in earlier or later... hehehe! Most important thing is no back bitting! It's a very very painful thing ok? My friend lost her RM100!!! Imagine!! We all know who took it but that fella already gone home and it's no use if we confront that fella! Do you know it's such a cruel cruel thing that you betray your own friend? Tell you something, you will get back one day!!! Everything we do no matter good or bad will surely get back to us! If we do good things, when God come down..He will praise us! If we do bad things, we need to prepare for God's judgment! Don't play play with Him!!

This is my mum!! That little baby girl is my cousin!

This is my beloved cousin, Didi O!! When he was small boy! Cute right?!

I have some pictures to share!! Hehehe...Friends in college! Hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Baptism 23032008

Hello bloggies! I am here once again!! Today, I am baptized!!! I am so happy! I choose to obey the Lord more and put more faith in Him! He has done great things to me =)... below are some baptism pics... enjoy!!


Tea Party Preview

he3llo! back again! this is our Tea Party on 21st March!! enjoy it! I didn't put all the photos coz they are too many!! These are some brief... enjoy it ya! Comments are welcome! All praise be unto our great God!

decorated by Zhu!!

Fashion Show!


President 's opening speech!

the Phantom of Opera

after whole thing!!

this is Stephy and I...


hello bloggies! This few days I was busying with my tea party! Now, finally everything settled! Praise God!!! Without Him, i can do nothing! Well, after tea party... my mak tiri asked me to shoot some "couple" pics...she wants to promote her sales this coming friday! Steve, my best buddy and I snapped a few shots! and Amjath and Steve, be my "bf" of the day... ahahaha... joking! hope you enjoy it!

i like this! STeve's idea!


this is the first shot!

stamp version!

my head looks big if i stand beside him...


i think this is charcoal version!

gray scale version!!

original version

just like that!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

12 March 2008 at 2.50am- 3.07am

hello bloggies! I'm back again to blog! This time i have some pictures to share.. Yea... I just bought 1 new perfume and 2 blouses! I love what i buy.. hehhehe!!...Hope you enjoy the pics! God bless you!

This is me...took at my aunt's hse during my cousin's birthday! These few days slept, I'll be looking bit tired!

this is my clever cousin, Jacelyn. Not her birthday, is my another cousin...

this pic took on Sunday, Katelynn and I...she is so fair!!!

Right! See what I bought! Guess how much is this blouse? .......

this only cost RM 15!! DO you believe it?!

I mix and match with my Nichii belt... hehhehe...=)

this long sleeve blouse... it's also RM 15!!! Isn't that cheap?!

both of them are RM30! Good quality k?....

this is the perfume that I bought!
WOmen's Secret?! Yea, Women's Secret... ssshhhhsshhh.....
I really like it! It cost me over hundred! But, it's worth it!