Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Indonesian's birthday

Hello bloggies!! Currently I am using desktop to update blog..!! I am in MUAR~~~!! I have 2 Suprised birthday pictures to share with you all!~~ I just update the pics coz now I have time to edit pcitures..=) Well, on the 9 february... We gave Abud a SURPRISED birthday party! It was mak tiri's idea..=p... and on the 23 Feb, we gave Pris(she is my aunty's maid) a birthday surprised too!! Ideas from my aunty.. =) And guess what, both of them actually CRIED!! Maybe they are touched by our action... and perhaps they didn't think we will remember or plan to celebrate their birthday...this reminds me of something~~ When we are far away from our loves one, we will miss them... I am fortunate to have my parents here with Malaysia!! Although they are in Muar, I will still miss them!! What more for those who are studying and working away from their country~? Kids, we must give thanks to our parents who are here with us...Don't grumble when they nag you..they nag you because it's for your own good...=) I know, I've been nag by my parents too and I don't like it! Who will like it by the way? hahahahaaa.... But really, when you think back..then you will understand why they want to nag us.. =) Till then~~!

In Masoni's place,

Happy birthday, kor kor bud aka Mr. Hitam Manis!~ Don't cry...

Blowing the cake... ehehee

Cutting the cake~!!

Present from Masoni and family...hahahaa~~!!!

At my aunty's kitchen..while she was washing the plates...

Happy birthday, Pris!!! may GOD bless you~~!

Picture with my aunty and family(the one in green shirt with specs)


Monday, February 23, 2009

Shooping and College!!

Hello bloggies!! Here I am again!!! Now I am in my Olympia College updating my blog!~ I am a free girl now!! I am so so happy coz I've done all my assessment and MOT =) Well, on the 21 Feb 2008, I went shopping~~ Coz I need to buy formal clothes!! I prayed on Friday that God will give me what I need...maybe you guys said I am too 'holy' =p ... But I really want to thank Him for His faithfulness towards me =) My budget for clothing is RM20o ( 2 long sleeves shirt, 1 pant, and 1 jacket)... Guess what I got.. I bought one more extra skirt!!~ and the total price is RM185!! heheheheee... I am really happy! I got all of them from Subang Parade. After shop at Parade, I went to Sunway Pyramid.. I bought one red belt which I finding long time ago...! My shopping time from 11am till 4pm... heheheee... Shopaholic..!! Later at home, I rearranged my stuff at my drawer which is super messy!! heheheee... Those stuff I don't want I put them aside and plan to give people...=) ... Oh yea... I slept for 3 hours yesterday coz rushing assessment =p.. Alright, I shall end here... enjoy the pictures!!

In College

In my lecturer's office

Cam- whoring... =p

At home...
Doing my assessment...

After arranging my stuff...

New things for my keys and handphone.. =D gifts from aunties!

My messy stuffs!!

What I bought... =)
CLEO Magazine, Nichii 's Neck-tie, Elainto's Eyeliner, Jusco's belt...

Jacket and pant from Blook... they are having Sales up to 70%!!

My long sleeve shirts and skirt... =D

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Fate to remember =)

Hello friends!~~ I will update today coz I am really bored and nothing to do... and here am I to wish both of my besties from Muar, Chia Kee and Lee Xin~!! Blessed 20th Birthday!! May both of you be in success in everything you do and stay pretty~~!!

Chia Kee studied the same class with me since Form One till Form Five =)
We shared a lot of our stories... hahaaha!!
Our classmates called us as couple.. I am the guy (I used to have super short hair during my secondary school F1 till F3) and she is the girl.

Lee Xin... she went the same school with me since Primary if I am not mistaken...
We entered the same class while we in Secondary too!! hehehee..
She is a nice person...and quite talkative =)

A Fate to Remember...

my busyman, Amjath and I knew each other for almost one year... =) We knew each other since I entered to college but didn't talk to him...His first impression to me is arrogant~ hehehee.. Sorry ling! Then, we began to talk to each other when my friends and I were conducting a Tea Party. He was the sound-man. Then we began to knew each other better started from that day... Hehehheee.. =) My impression changed... He is a very nice and helpful guy =) a good friend to have. He is the most handsome guy in the college =p ...Seriously! Well, you can see lots of girl surrounded him everyday...=) What to do? He is also good communicator~~~ Oh yea, both of us in the same boat... Single but Unavailable... =p ... When I have a free time, I will go to his office to talk with him or MSN... To reduce his stress =) ... share bit here and there... =) His friends all called him Itchyman..coz he like to stretch his hand a lot and other meaning of that is he is the "ladies - man"... =0... Hope our friendship fate will last forever~~~!!

to my dearest Amjath: " I never regret having such a good friend like you... =) I hope you enjoy your new working enviroment yea? Good luck, ling!! Take care and GOD bless you~~!!

This picture represents the first day of our friendship 21 March 2008

This picture took on 21 October 2008 during Alumni Night... =)

Hehehee.. this is the edited pic which I took on Valentine's Day 14022009~~

Take care, Friends!!~~~

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Hi bloggies~!! Happy Valentine's Day!!! How is your Valentine's day for those who are doubled? Dear singles, don't be disappointed! You will get one day when it's time~~ Well, I celebrated my Valentine's Day in church and college. On friday, Banu asked me to sing for their Valentine's Lunch =) I agreed and the song was Kiss Me^^ Nice song but the crowd were too little!!!! ehehhehee... So, yesterday I celebrated at my church!! You guys must be feeling weird yea?!!? But for me, it is the BEST Valentine's day! Although I'm single but still I celebrate my Valentine!! We decorated the church like a cafe~~~!! Friends who were invited felt warmth and occupied!! Theirs' thinking of Christianity has changed...they said the pastor and the church were so opened and wise!! Wooohoo!!! Praise the Lord!!! The food were delicious too~!!! Oh ya!! Elaine Daly came too!!! She gave a talk about personal grooming and how to take care of yourself when you're outside. First impression is VITAL!! Well for guys, belt and shoe must be the same color only it looks nice! For girls/ladies, when we are outside dealing or meeting someone...Put a little bit of make up! Wear things that are Comfortable and no HOLES for the shirt and pants! Peeps, better learn is a little advice from our Miss Malaysia 2003 Miss Elaine Daly. She shared about her personal life too! She completed her SPM when she was only 15!!!! and got a Degree for Law during the age of 21~~!! She also shared that each of us must have a goal to achieve!! Work hard!! I think that's all for today...=) Enjoy the pictures!! Sorry for not editing the pics coz wanna to share the excitement of mine to you~~!!!

In College,

At church... =D
Testing off my make up!!

Elaine Daly!!

Lisa and I... oh yea,Lisa wore skirt!!

Brenda and I

the Decoration and Settings...
the cups are for new comers!!

Wouldn't you love this settings? (Ideas from Jeff)

Magazines to read!!

this is one of the setting that i really *Heart* lots!!

front Deco!!

CNY's concept for the setting

the Attraction Factor


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Especially for you =)

hello bloggies~! Hehheee... this blog is specially for my Banana(name:Katrina)!!! Time really flies... and it's time for my dear cousin Banana to travel to Australia to further her studies!! Well, we went airport yesterday to send her off.. Heheee.. When she hugs everyone, she simply give a light hug coz she is afraid that she will cry...hehehee... I will cry too if she hug me tightly!!! My banana, I MISS you so so much~~!! are like a sister to me =) Talk every little thing... but sometimes you are so blur that your "blurness" could make me laugh!! Hahaaa..and I can called you..."ah ma"! hahahaa..but still I love to call you "......." I shall not write out..if not you will KILL me!! Woohoo... I am scare~! Our dear little Japan couz named you Banana..although it sounded so common but for is a good name~! hahaha.. I know you are missing lots of people too..especially your driver( hopefully you miss us balancely..=p)!~! hehehee... tell me that I am right~!! Well, I wish you all the best in whatever you take and may GOD continue to prosper you in your studies and spiritual life!! Do find a church there, kies? Luv you!! Take care~!!

took this pictures the night before she leaves...

Jace,Kat and Slyn

All the cousins..=p

Pretty young ladies gave the best smile!!

Luv you, my banana!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My birthday 4 February

Hello Bloggies!! Here am I to blog~ Hehehee.. I want to thank for those who had wished me Happy Birthday~~ I will list the name out after I finish writing. I celebrated 3 times. On the 3rd, I had night class. My sister, Abud and Iqbal planned to celebrate with me. My sis called and ask me to leave early...She said: "Abud asked you to sneak out the class." hahahahaa... But it's only 30mins left, the lecturer was good and suprisingly he knew me. Hehehee.. Maybe my PR was good and maybe because everytime he went into the office and find my ling and I was there =p... Then we went Deli-cious to celebrate. The photos are not here due to Abud's memory got virus... the food were awesome!! My sis's present to me was treating me the nice food!! thank you sista!! I want to thank Kor kor Bud and Kor kor Bal for the big bag too*aheemmm...* hahahhaaa...Yesterday, we had prayer meeting and I was the one who lead the worship... Before we started, Chris came and he was walking weird as he was taking my Secret Recipe's cake... I pretended I don't know. Actually, Ern Suey pretended to forget my birthday, But when she saw Chris wished me...she was like: " Aiya, mission failed." hahahaaa..I should take the photo of his yea? hehehee.. They sang birthday song to me after prayer meeting. Oh ya, they bought for me cake but didn't blow it! ahahaa... we headed to Asia Cafe and Snowflakes to celebrated my birthday!~ Back home, I watched "my lucky star放羊的星星" until almost 5am!! Super freak I know..hehehe.. fell in love with the show...My eldest aunty gave me RM50, 3rd aunt is accessories and youngest aunt is a Momoe bag, necklace and handphone deco... My cell gave me Body Shop's stuff..=) thank you!!! There are 2 pics of my niece which I took it from my sis-in-law through facebook... Well, I shall end here..and enjoy the pictures~~!!!

my beloved parents

My niece, Phylicia..her naughty character came from her dad..=p

My college's CNY decoration...not bad right? Love it~!

At my eldest aunty's house,

I used my uncle's Olympus C-310 camwhore!! hahaha..although it's just 3.2mp, it produced good photo..=) (*psk.. I snapped just now)

It's Chocolate Indulgence!! My favourite!! Really a BIG thank you to my cell members!

My presents..hehehee...!
I am now officially 20!!!
~ Gonna to serve GOD more than I did than last time~

Who is this? My life partner? Nah, he is the actor of My Lucky Star~!
His name is Jimmy Lim =)
Would you married me?

List of friends and family I want to say THANK YOU!
*from college
= Papa Steve
= Janarthan
=Pei Teen
= babyPhy (stephy)
= Rebecca
= Vartha @ Tasha
= Citra and family
= my ling, Amjath
=Florence Shiela
=Li Yin

=Jing Ern
= Er ke and Er Sao
= Bro Calvin
=Sis Sharon
= my beloved daddy and mama
=cousin Nana
=cousin Jacelyn
=aunty Lay Sie
=aunty Lay Yan
=aunty Lay Chang
=aunty Lay Phing

* friends
=Ko Fen
= Ah Fai kor
=Hui Hui
=Wei Nie
=Lee Xin
=Shi Ying
=Miss Mashita
=Aunty Mary
=Andrew Bean
=Jin Sheng
=Hui Ni
=Swee Lin
=Yin Sen

*Harvest Generation
=Ern Suey
=Ern Tsyr
=Melissa Chia
=Kor kor Alvin
=Kor kor Nick
= Li Ern

%% My apology to any person that I accidentally missed out..=)