Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June ;)

Good day bloggies! :) Update update before I accidentally leave it again... hehe! If you had read my previous update, you will get to know happened from month of Jan - May. Just an add-in, forgot to blog about my dearest cell leader/mentor/friend's wedding that happened on 17th May! :) I am still waiting for their official photography that has captured every single moment with right angle...almost flawless photos~! As most of us who are close to this awesome couple helped out during their wedding, so we don't have much time for photo sessions...hahaa! Managed to capture few only~ Alright...story to be continued with the pictures...ENJOY!

My first mix culture wedding! How excited is that huh! 

I managed to capture the kissing moment when both said "I DO" to each other ;') Once "I DO", no turning back!! 

In the morning, the bride awaits her prince... Red heels with white bridal gown, how awesome is that.. I personally like it much, unusual! She posed for me lah as she said she can't I asked her play with her phone and I take a picture of her.

I managed to capture picture with the bride! Hehe...that's why I said, need to wait for official photography that capture the couple with me. Hehehee! I did her morning make up, super-ly simple as per requested. But night a professional make up artist did for her! Whether simple or heavy make up, the BRIDE still look SO GORGEOUS! :) 

This is us as the Ji Mui~~ Colorful bridesmaids' dress from Twenty3 ! Twenty3, I would say is the best bridesmaids dress I ever found so far. They are not only selling bridesmaids dress but SELF-MANUFACTURED tops, bottoms, and dress! The Founder of Twenty3 is friendly! I highly recommend YOU to browse and shop there no matter where you are from! They are having FREE DELIVERY with no minimum purchase throughout Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia.

 My humble pa rents ;) LOVE and APPRECIATE them muchhiee

x End of update for month of MAY x
*well, not really until I get the official pictures yea? Hahaa


Not much happening in month of June but I am blessed to have Dr.Neal Patterson to teach us 'Names of God' during bible study! He is an annointed teacher! You may visit his and wifey's webby at nealandruthpatterson . 

This BIG BIG polka dots Midi Skirt from Twenty3! their material man! Wore this on Father's Day!!

My dad and mum came to KL to celebrate Father's Day with us. He CAME up to celebrate his day with us, how BIG is his love for us? That's BEYOND MEASURE! Daddy, THANKS for the love and every every everyyyyy  thingggg!!

21 June , attended Wayne and Audrey's wedding in Muar :) a long-time senior friend tied a knot!! Hehehe!

My friend, Henry and I. We haven't seen each other such a long time...really long okay, 5 years?!?!?! Good to see him again tho!

To end month of June...went out with two friends(the redhotcouple), teman them dye their hair...FIRST time for both them... hahaaa! Then we head to Pyramid for lunch and tea time. My FIRST time to TWG, preettyy good I would say..but their scones lil too dry, others are okay! And with no plan ahead we randomly went to Subang MBO watched 'How To Train Your Dragon 2'.

I would give a 8/10 ;) (pic credit to google)

That's all for now! Update ya soon! Take care!

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